CONDA partners with DASH ICO Investors can use DASH to get CRWD Token

CONDA, the Austrian crowdfinancing platform, has started a cooperation with DASH (digital cash). During its ICO, CONDA will accept DASH for purchasing CRWD Token. DASH was introduced in 2014 and is an inflation-proof, non-governmental currency.

Vienna, June 03 2018 | Now undergoing the whitelisting phase of its ICO, CONDA is pleased to announce its cooperation with DASH. Whitelisting is the process by which one obtains permission to take part in the ICO; getting whitelisted now (before the actual crowd-sale begins) will reduce the waiting time that might arise during the crowd-sale in June. Everyone who gets whitelisted before June 4thcan immediately invest when the crowd-sale officially starts. CRWD Token can be purchased in ETH, Euro and now DASH. DASH is one of the world’s top cryptocurrencies. By accepting DASH, CONDA is targeting a strong community of ICO and crypto enthusiasts, and both entities will benefit from cross-linking their communities. “DASH is the only cryptocurrency that matches the technical requirements of digital cash. That fits our aim to connect the old and new financial economy,” says Paul Pöltner, Co-founder and Managing Partner of CONDA. Thus, an ongoing cooperation between CONDA and DASH is planned.

DASH: blockchain-based digital cash

DASH is a cryptocurrency developed in 2014 by Evan Duffield to introduce an inflation-proof, secure, non-governmental currency that is suitable for normal purchases. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, DASH has a clear organizational structure regarding allocation of responsibilities, budget and hierarchy and maintains a decentralized network structure, making ita DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). DASH, like CRWD Token, is based on blockchain technology and benefits from that technology’s decentralization, security and transparency. By maintaining a distinct organizational structure, DASH differs from other cryptocurrencies and is totally independent from external investors.

CRWD Network as new era of crowdfinancing

CONDA’s CRWD Network is the blockchain-based heart of its new platform. The decentralized network protocol solves the problems found in security tokens. While other ICOs are solely aimed at self-financing, CONDA is revolutionizing crowdfinancing: investors and companies benefit from the tokenized equity offerings, the benefits of the blockchain and the peace of mind that comes with investing in a legally-compliant framework.

DASH in CRWD Network

Thanks to this newest cooperation, DASH holders can purchase CRWD Token by utilizing the digital currency they already have without having to touch other capital.

“We are happy to cooperate with DASH, as we totally trust in this well-established, global cryptocurrency,” says Paul Pöltner. “Cooperating with CONDA is the next step for DASH to achieve our goals of broad usage and approval. By working with CONDA, we have a professional platform provider as a partner whose high standards of transparency and safety are matching with ours,” claims Jan Heinrich Meyer, Founder and CEO of the DASH Embassy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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