Cointrade will attract the masses to crypto trading

The Cointrade team has announced its pre-ICO. The mission of the project is to create the most convenient, stable, and secure platform. Thus, considerably broadening the possibilities of crypto enthusiasts and allowing anybody to earn profits from trading cryptoassets.

A broad range of different trading pairs will be available to the platform’s users. Cointrade is implementing an instrument that will allow fiats to be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and vice versa, as well as to trade between cryptocurrencies. This eliminates double commissions that cause users of many crypto exchanges to lose a portion of their profits.

The Cointrade exchange supports deposits and withdrawals in fiats. The following currencies can be used in trade operations: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and JPY.

Key features of the platform

Intuitive interface

For the most part, only crypto enthusiasts are involved in trading. It is quite difficult for newcomers to figure out and to understand all of the processes that take place in the crypto market, which complicates their entry into the sector. Aside from this, they bump into very complicated trading interfaces. As a result, individuals simply don’t understand how to properly use exchanges, thus, they lose money and leave.

Cointrade eliminates this problem by creating an accessible platform with an easily understandable and intuitive interface. This will allow Cointrade to attract a broad range of traders, both experienced and newcomers. The platform will have high-quality instructions, video guides, support services and easy to use interface will allow newcomers to feel comfortable using the platform, they will get opportunity to extract a significant amount of profits from cryptoasset trading.

Cointrade realizes a lineup of instruments which will allow traders to significantly increase their profits. Users will have access to technical analysis mechanisms, trade signals, logical algorithms, as well as other instruments that will make routine trade operations automated.

Flawless operation

A prominent and common issue amongst many functioning crypto exchanges is their incompleteness, which makes them inconvenient and uncomfortable to use. Bugs and mistakes pop up commonly during withdrawals, as well as lags when immediate transactions need to occur.

The Cointrade team is devoting a considerable amount of funds gathered during their ICO towards the development and testing of their platform. This will allow for the creation of a new, and high-quality product, protecting users from platform failures and hacks.

The advanced DDoS protection system will significantly increase the platform’s stability.

High level of security

Owners of existing cryptocurrency exchanges do not attribute enough attention to protecting their platforms from hackers. Additionally, the owners themselves tend to dive into unfair acts quite frequently. As a result, many cryptocurrency traders find it unsafe to store their funds on exchanges.

Cointrade will return the confidence of cryptoexchange users. The project team is taking maximum measures in order to decrease adverse effects of hacker attacks to a minimum and protect user assets. The platform utilizes cold storage wallet technology while allowing users to retain immediate access to their funds.

Users will be liberated from the need to store various crypto assets on multiple wallets. Cointrade will provide its users with the possibility of holding all of their assets on one platform.

In order to prevent unsanctioned access to the Cointrade platform, 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) will be used.

Aside from this, in order to protect the personal data of users, the system will utilize Blockchain technology and smart-contracts, which will increase trust. The use of such technologies will make the platform more convenient for users on account of asset trade automation.

24/7 User support

Effective user support services are a critical element for the development of any online service. They allow online services to reduce the churn of clients, attach clients to a product, and increase loyalty.

Most crypto exchanges do not provide support in real time. Instead, they utilize old methods for communicating with clients. In some cases, users even have to wait for a few days for an exchange to reply, sometimes even weeks.

Cointrade is implementing multilingual and around the clock real-time support. This will increase clients LTV, thus, making the project more financially successful.

Low commissions

Popular crypto exchanges establish high commissions. Additionally, users face these commissions at practically every stage of their operations: during deposits, withdrawals, and during trade operations. As a result, the expenditures of some users are higher than their profits.

The analysts behind Cointrade have carefully studied their competitors and the overall market situation. The platform has established commissions almost two times as low as the market average. Hidden fees have also been eliminated. The result of this will be a massive inflow of new users from other platforms, considering the fact that Cointrade is offering its clients the most beneficial terms of use.

Transparent listing of new assets

The politics of Cointrade concerning the listing of new assets are clear and transparent. Prior to adding a new crypto asset to the platform, Cointrade analysts study the demand for the token, and if it is high enough the cryptocurrency will be added to the exchange without any hidden barriers.

Component isolation

To ensure stable and continuous performance, the system will be divided into a few components, each of which will operate on separate servers:

  1. Frontend – customer interface element.
  2. Backend operations interface
  3. Order processing algorithm
  4. Cryptocoin client interface
  5. Market maker


The Cointrade token (CTT) is ERC20 compliant and its price will grow alongside with the number of platform users. Token emissions will be limited and there will be no future emissions.

Token holders will receive an 80% discount on all of the platforms commissions. Besides this, holders will gain early access to new features, increased deposit and withdrawal amounts, as well as premium support.

Initial Coin Offering

236.110.00 CTT tokens will be released.

  • 23.610.000 CTT will be reserved for team members
  • 25.000.000 CTT available for sale during the pre-ICO
  • 187.500.000 CTT will be sold during the Main ICO

Base price: 1 CTT = 0.24 USD


Start: 1st April, 2018

End: 20th April, 2018

Pre-ICO price: 1 CTT = 0.20 USD

Main ICO

Main ICO will start in July, 2018

ICO price for CTT will vary between 0.22 and 0.24 USD depending on stage.

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