Cloudbet Review

Bitcoin provides an excellent tool to make online payments, and the gambling industry is one of the biggest sectors where the digital currency has been making an impact. CloudBet is one of those gambling platforms banking big on Bitcoin acceptance, as this sports betting solution welcomes digital currency users from all over the world. With a big signup bonus and instant withdrawals, things are off to a good start.

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Cloudbet Combines Sport Betting With Bitcoin

When looking at the CloudBet website, one can see this professional template is the right way to attract Bitcoin users all over the globe. The purpose of the platform becomes clear immediately, and users are greeted with welcome bonuses and a notification of high limits combined with instant withdrawals at any time.

Among the sport betting offerings are traditional selections, such as football, hockey, basketball, and golf. But there are some interesting additions as well, including futsal, waterpolo, snooker, and bandy. Mixed martial arts is not included on this list, which is a shame. On the upside, users can bet on live sport events as well, rather than only placing bets before the game begins.

But there is more to CloudBet than just sport betting, as the platform also offers a casino and live casino option to its players. The regular casino will feature a wide selection of games whereas live casino lets users participate in games with live dealers. There is a certain thrill when pitting users against each other and putting money at stake.

On the security side, CloudBet seems to have their ducks in a row, as all incoming deposits are immediately transferred to cold storage. Keeping Bitcoin funds offline is a big step in the right direction regarding security, and only a small portion of funds is kept in the hot wallet. All in all, withdrawals should be processed instantly and without any issues.

Similar to most other sport betting and casino sites dealing with Bitcoin, CloudBet runs an affiliate program offering 30% commission on all of the revenue gained by referrals. However, affiliates can opt for a hybrid revenue model as well, where they receive the same 30% commission – excluding sport betting – and 0.2% of all turnover volume through the sportsbook.

Moreover, there is a 100% deposit bonus for new CloudBet users, which will be matched up to 5 Bitcoin. This deposit bonus will act as a loyalty bonus balance, which means users need to earn loyalty points before accessing the funds. For every 800 loyalty points collected, 0.01 BTC of the deposit bonus will be credited to the account.

Based on the information provided on BitcoinTalk, CloudBet is available to users all over the world. Whereas some casinos and sport betting websites do not serve US customers, this platform is not discriminating users based on their location. However, there are some reports in this thread regarding withdrawals no longer being processed instantaneously, which could be an issue for this company down the line.

No company information can be found on the website or in the WHOIS records.