ClearPoll to Give Back to Blockchain Community

ClearPoll today announced they will be donating 2% of all ICO ETH contributions to The Ethereum Foundation.

Their ICO is currently in presale stage, and their soft cap has almost been reached already.

“We hope this sets a precedent to support the technology that makes ICO’s possible, so that it can continue to grow and improve.” commented Daniel Abela, ClearPoll Director.

ClearPoll is an exciting new application of blockchain technology. A social public opinion polling system, using blockchain to secure votes and poll results. It is a project gaining momentum quickly, and has attracted interest from several leading fintech experts.

Pre-ICO contributors are able to purchase POLL tokens with a 30% bonus. The tokens are likely to be in high demand once the full ClearPoll service is launched. They will be required for subscriptions to ClearPoll Plus, a subscription based service offering advanced metrics data. Tokens will also be required for purchasing advertising space within the ClearPoll app.

ClearPoll is a unique project, offering a social hub for users to browse for polls, vote securely and have their votes stored on the blockchain. The advantage of this is clear – no individual or corporation can tamper with or censor poll results. This results in a great understanding of public opinion on important issues such as political and human rights. But it’s not all serious – users can also vote on entertainment, sport and many other poll categories.

Daniel Abela said, “In recent times, we’ve noticed that public opinion is being misrepresented and even fabricated by much of the media. This is by design, to support various agendas or simply to create headlines. We’ve decided to do something about this problem, and the solution is clear. Decentralised voting and poll results will remove the ability for anyone to tamper with or hide real public opinion.”

There are several key features of ClearPoll that set it apart from other polling options:

  • Blockchain technology removes control from corporations or even the site owners. Not even the ClearPoll staff can censor or change the poll results.
  • A true social hub where users can vote, view and socially share results.
  • An easy to use app and desktop platform, ensuring anyone who has a device will be able to vote on their chosen topics without difficulty. No blockchain understanding is required.

ClearPoll is an Australian company, dedicated to providing innovative and intuitive apps. With an enthusiastic and highly capable team, they have the ability to turn big ideas into great products. The ClearPoll directors have previously designed and released mobile apps with over 10 million users worldwide.

The token sale is open to US residents, and the POLL tokens, which are ERC20 compliant, are selling fast.

If you’d like to support ClearPoll or participate in the token sale, please visit their website at

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