Clean Energy Crypto-Mining?

From the very beginning, Crypto-Mining is essential for keeping the blockchain’s cogs turning and secure. And as most people are exposed to Cryptocurrencies and how it works, the first thing they usually find out about Cryptocurrencies is Crypto-Mining.

People will venture forth and will realize how Crypto-Mining is like setting up your own mining rig or even going as far as to purchase ASICs (for the richer individuals), to start mining. Basically, what drew me as an individual to Cryptocurrencies was the simplicity of being able to mine for digital assets.

That was back in 2013, times were great and with a simple mining rig you could get quite a good ROI. Nowadays, due to higher number of people mining and China coming in with huge mining farms and just pushing the difficulty way higher, Crypto-Mining is now only highly profitable when done on a large scale basis.

We are a group of individuals who have been mining on our own individually but supporting each other as a group and never really thought about the ICO or token sale platform. Not until I was introduced by a friend to a friend of his, whose company had a significant amount of surplus energy that couldn’t be stored into the energy grids nor could be sold to anyone else due to the fact that no one else had need for so much energy.

So, i thought, if Crypto-Mining’s profitability is based on how cheap the total costs of your equipment, operations such as broadband, infrastructure and MAINLY ELECTRICITY, then I have got a gem in my hands!

For the equipment, the difference isn’t a whole lot. However, operating costs it makes the difference. We all know that the cheaper your electrical cost, the more profitable you would be mining. As the difficulty for mining increases so does the need for even more hashing power, thus higher consumption of electricity.


Where we stand out is our cost of electricity. US$ 0.028 to US$ 0.035 per kWh. In this case, we have it at cost price due to it being surplus and its a win-win situation for both us and the energy company.

How much cheaper is our electricity compared to others?

cheap electricity

Unites States of America’s cost is about US$0.08 to US$0.17 per kWh.

Canada’s cost is about US$0.0652 per kWh to US$0.146 per kWh.

United Kingdom’s cost is about US$0.22 per kWh.

Europe has a range from US$0.0554 per kWh in Iceland to US$0.35 per kWh in Germany.

China’s cost is about US$0.04 to US$0.045 per kWh.

India’s cost is on average US$0.07 per kWh.

We get ours at cost price at US$0.035 per kWh the most.

We can say that we have one of the cheapest sources of electricity and on top of that, our energy comes from Eco-friendly and Renewable sources. (:

veritias buy tokens

Our operating cost are also lower in terms of costs of infrastructure and manpower.

Also, our source of energy is renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable. This allows Crypto-Mining to leave a smaller carbon footprint and venture into clean energy Crypto-Mining. We all know that mining is essential to Proof of work (PoW) algorithms. With sustainable Crypto-Mining, we are able to future proof PoW algorithms and Crypto-Mining.

Crypto-Mining is our core source of income. However, we want to make sure that we are as profitable as possible to give our token holders quarterly dividends in Ethereum for as long as they hold their tokens, forever. We have planned an ecosystem of different sources of revenues and also a future integration into our more traditional fiat financial markets.

We have Ponos-Mining, a GUI or application that will allow anyone with a PC to be able to mine during the PC’s idle time/down time or whenever they so please. Mining is difficult for the average working person to pursue in terms of time and setting up and both hardware and software. Our Ponos-Mining App aims to make its quick, easy and educational in terms of Crypto-Mining. Just install it on your PC, the program will then do a benchmark on your PC and looking at the Cryptocurrencies which most profitable for mining on the market at any moment and begin doing so.

This Ponos-Mining will also allow us to form our own mining pool and we will charge 5% of all Cryptocurrencies mined. If marketed right, our mining pool’s potential is tremendous.

We have our wallet with exchange API integrated, Vidulum. With this wallet we want to be able to bring forth the accessibility of seamless exchange and being able to keep multicurrencies within your wallet. With the exchange and withdrawal fees, comes our source of revenue from this platform.

We have a future plan for our next application, OneMarketStreet. It will be an open ended online marketplace for anyone who wishes to advertise or sell/buy anything. It will be like a marketplace for financial products or even retail. We will be charging referral fees and advertising fees from this platform.

Finally, our ultimate goal, Fungibility. We intend to create demand and value for and in our token. Allowing our token holders to essentially be able to use it as pledge or collateral if needed. not to mention, trade worthy in terms with fiat or cryptocurrency markets.

We believe that the next step for cryptocurrencies are tokens like ours. A token with dividends and benefits, forever. Yes, our tokens pays out dividends every quarter in Ethereum for as long as you hold them,forever.

Minimum Purchase is 0.25 Ethereum.

So, come join us today and be part of the future move of cryptocurrencies & tokens!

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