Claim your 5 BTC or 50 BCH Welcome Bonus Pack at

When choosing the right bitcoin casino, winnings are always a priority. You want to maximize your earnings and minimize the amount that you have to spend on the game. allows you to do just that with a 100% 1st deposit bonus for new players.

5 BTC Welcome Bonus Package

A strong welcome bonus is extremely helpful when starting off. At the beginning, your bankroll is one of the most important factors at the casino. If you only have a small amount of coins, you won’t be able to play high stakes games and win even more. A 100% deposit bonus doubles your initial payment. While this might not seem like a huge boost, it really is when you consider the rate of play. Within a few weeks, you will be able to make a huge fortune via bitcoins. If you are unsure of your bitcoin skills, use this 1st deposit bonus as an experimental period. Try out all of the casino games and find the ones that best suit your talents. You don’t want to be risking your own money. Fortunately, a 1st deposit is much like a safeguard. If things go wrong, you can rest assured that these coins are not at your expense. In this sense, you can reset your mentality and start winning the very next day.

How to claim the welcome bonuses

It is incredibly easy to acquire the bonus. Once you sign up for an account, you will be prompted to enter an initial deposit. While other sites mandate that this figure determines your bonus, operates differently. Future deposits can work toward this limit, which leads to an even larger bonus. Because everything is automatic, you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong buttons or clicking on an incorrect link. The process has been streamlined many times over, so even novices can enjoy the 1st deposit bonus. Moreover, bitcoin handles all of the transactions. There are no extra receipts or confirmation pages to be seen. Your bitcoins are safe in the casino, and after the 1st deposit, your account will be loaded and ready to go.

Bonus rates

1st deposit bonus rates are usually the highest among all deposits, but 100% is still fantastic. To put this in perspective, other casinos often feature 50% or 75% rates. If you want to maximize your profits, turn to and take advantage of the 100% 1st deposit bonus. It is truly rare that such a rate is available for all players. Moreover, there is little to no hassle in the process. Simply link your bitcoin account, wait for approval, and gather the extra coins on your screen. There are no down payments or long term commitments. As a player, there are essentially no reasons you shouldn’t be opting into this great deal. If you want more information on this sort of bonus, contact customer support or the service team. They will be able to explain why the 1st deposit bonus is part of the system and how you should consider it for your account.


The 1st deposit bonus is one of the most exciting parts about a bitcoin casino. At, this bonus is a full 100%, which means your bankroll is guaranteed to be strong from the start. As you continue playing, look for more opportunities to earn coins and join the highest ranking players.

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