Changing the Face of the Internet, to Provide A User Experience Free of Ads, Viruses and Privacy Intrusion

Decentralized platform will restructure how the internet will be used by people. Offering users protection from intrusive ads, malicious codes/apps and privacy violations.

May 8th, 2018: Today, the model of most websites is to offer free services to its users. The word “free” is arbitrary, since these platforms earn profits from running ads and collecting user’s datum to be sold off to data researchers and other organizations. Other more malicious parties on the internet write compromising codes and applications, which users download and their systems are infected, essentially being used or controlled for nefarious purposes.

Anyone who has used the internet has experienced intrusive ads. These can range from small pop ups on the side of the screen to huge ones interrupting the whole vision. Flashing banners are also another form of ads that distract users. Illegal softwares and codes embedded in websites are a prime way for people with intentions of stealing data or hijacking computers to achieve their purposes. Different websites, ISPs and governmental organizations keep track of activities of users by accessing their private data, keeping tabs on websites frequented- even what searches are made on search engines.

Safe Experience Offered By

All of these are fundamental violation of user privacy. is a blockchain platform that intends to give internet users their rights back. By offering services that put the users and their protection as the highest priority, is going to change the internet experience forever.

The three pronged attack to the internet’s most basic intrusion offers:

  • Bypassing of ads, allowing an enhanced user experience and a comfortable online presence. User will also experience an increased internet speed since the bandwidth clogged by heavy ads will be free.
  • Anonymous sessions with zero tracking of what users do online will offer a privacy protection that no other service does today. Users will be stress free knowing they are not being watched.
  • Safer downloading of files through ensuring that there are no viruses or malware when users download applications or files.

The platform will further have a user based voting system that will allow users to give ratings to websites visited through the platform. A higher rating will automatically drive more traffic towards it, giving website developers and organizations an incentive to keep their systems free from codes that are not in line with the policy. The platform offers a browser extension to users that will not only connect them to the platform, but also offer a built in wallet, ad-blocker, and antivirus.

Powering the Change, OIO Token

The platform has an Ethereum-based OIO token that is used to pay for services within the economy. These tokens will be available to users and investors on 15th June, when the pre ICO starts. A total of 2.5 billion tokens will ever be made, with all unsold ones burnt permanently to protect prices.

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