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Virtual Bitcoin Expo 2015

Imagine a world where people will be able to attend conferences, interact with the local players in their industry and be involved in workshops without booking long distance flights and without even being physically present there. Thanks to the advancements in technologies like the Internet and Bitcoin, this imaginary world is now turning into reality. For the first time in history, Virtual Bitcoin Expo is going to be the first …
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$111,000 raised by Gems social network

 What is Gems? GEMS is an altcoin of its own which runs on a separate blockchain. It differs because it is backed by the GEMS social messaging app. Furthermore, you do not have to own any gems in order to use the app, you can use bitcoin as well. This makes it a unique altcoin and a unique social messaging app, together combined you get GEMS $111k raised Gems, a social …
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OneWallet, a new bitcoin auction website

    OneWallet, a new internet auction site, has been up and running for around 2 weeks, has received tremendous response, and has over 600+ listings already. It has features similar to the highly popular eBay, such as auctions which involve bidding and also, direct sales A vastr majority of the merchants are from the United states and Asia, but mainly from Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Additionally, it also …
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