Category: Scams

Russian Media Tycoon is Offering 1000 BTC Reward To Help Identify Hackers

Russian media Tycoon Aram Gabrelyanov is offering a reward of 1,000 BTC to anyone who can help track or identify the group of hackers behind the heist of some of his private documents.  An ad offering personal information about Aram Gabrelyanov, General Editor of the Russian portal Life was seen at The exchange of information, a marketplace where private and sensitive information is offered to the best bidder. Anonimous International is asking …
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Powerdouble Review

Even though no one in their right mind would ever use these so-called Bitcoin doublers, that is not keeping site owners from launching their own Ponzi schemes. Greed attracts a lot of potential investors, and doubling one’s money within five hours sounds very appealing, despite knowing one will never see their funds back. Powerdouble is not faring any better than other similar offerings, as they are struggling to pay out …
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