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LazyCoins: Cryptocurrency Exchange Made Easy

The cryptocurrency exchange industry has not created a particularly favorable reputation for themselves thusfar. Cryptocurrency exchanges are typically associated with fraud and hacks, and not without reason. Earlier this year, bitstamp, a popular exchange, was hacked, losing access to 19,000 bitcoins. The year before, the infamous MtGox shutdown, keeping thousands of users without access to hundreds of thousands of bitcoins. LazyCoins, a UK based exchange, has learned from the mistakes …
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Peatio – open source cryptocurrency exchange

What is Peatio? Peatio is an open source cryptocurrency exchange project. It is a widely contributed project which received 467 stars and 188 forks on it’s github page. There are quite a few exchanges already using the Peatio platform which include: 1、Yunbi Exchange – A crypto-currency exchange funded by BitFundPE 2、One World Coin 3、Bitspark – Bitcoin Exchange in Hong Kong 4、Yes-BTC – Bitcoin Exchange in Taiwan 5、 …
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