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Coinpunk allows you to host your own Bitcoin wallet

The biggest problem with bitcoin at the moment is merchant adoption. There are emerging startups which are trying to bring bitcoin to the everyday user by increasing merchant adoption. One such example is Coinpunk. Coinkpunk is a wallet hosting service just like It is a front-end bitcoin platform which allows to send bitcoin, withdraw, and deposit. If you would like to know in detail how to install coinpunk on …
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Yelp Announces New Feature For Bitcoin

Yelp officially announced on April 10th that it would add a feature for businesses to show if they accept bitcoin. It is a simple feature but shows that bitcoin is still being adopted. quoted from yelps official blog post:   As a business owner, you can let your customers know you’re accepting Bitcoin by logging into your free business owner tools on and updating your payment attributes.   Rumors about Yelp …
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Dorian Nakamoto denies being bitcoin creator, gets 48 bitcoins

The supposed bitcoin creator Dorian Nakamoto received 48 bitcoins from the bitcoin community as donation. the donation came from the fundraiser which happened on blockchain as of 4/23 Najamoto’s wallet reads 49.271 Bitcoin which according to todays bitcoin price which is at $491, is worth $24,000. Nakamoto made a youtube video where he said: “Thank you very much for your support throughout this ordeal that I am still fighting” Andreas Antonopoulos was the …
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