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Deloitte Report Says Israel’s Blockchain & Fintech Industry is Booming

A recently published report by Deloitte on the state of the blockchain economy in Israel, paints a very optimistic picture of the impending fintech revolution that is about to sweep through the country. The report, Israel: A Hotspot for Blockchain Innovation, gives a very thorough overview of the key blockchain startups in the country. Amit Harel, co-author of the report, makes the case that Israel, in particular the city of …
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Five Blockchain Startups Accepted into Plug and Play’s FinTech Accelerator

The world’s largest fintech accelerator Plug and Play, has announced the 23 startups to be accepted in its third batch of selections. Five of the twenty three companies are blockchain-focused startups; mobile cryptocurrency remittance platform Abra; KYC blockchain identity verification platform BlockNotary; blockchain forensic analysis firm BlockSeer; supply chain tracking company Skuchain and bank-sponsored digital currency issuance platform Token. The Plug and Play accelerator program is sponsored by some of …
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Bank of Russia Forms Fintech Group to Study Blockchains & Digital Currencies

On Sunday, the Bank of Russia issued a press release stating that a “working group” has been formed to evaluate emerging fintech innovations, with a particular focus on blockchains and distributed ledgers. The group is lead by Olga Skorobogatova, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia. In the press release, Skorobogatova said that that heath and future of financial markets in the country is directly influenced by the fintech movement: …
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