Category: Market Analysis

Gold drops 4% to lowest price in over 5 years

Today the price of gold fell more than 4% to $1,088.05 an ounce. The main cause of the mega sell was because of China’s markets.  Earlier this month China made it illegal for big investors to dump shares over the next six months. According to Bloomberg: China’s securities regulator banned major shareholders, corporate executives and directors from selling any of their stakes for six months, the latest effort to stop a …
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Bitcoin Price Analysis 7/18

This week Bitcoin started with a nice bull run to a high of $317 on July 12th followed by a crash to $270 and a slight rebound. Currently the price of Bitcoin is $277. The Greece debacle was a major contributor to last week’s bull run and combined with Visa and Mastercard cutting off service to last week was a great week to hold BTC. This week has been …
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Apple – A good investment

    Apple has more operating cash than the US Treasury. That sounds like a good investment right?? Lets look at some Apple charts.   A long term chart of Apple makes one thing obvious, this stock is in a clear uptrend. A major low has been set back in 2008 and Apple moved upwards since. The last serious correction occured back in 2013, but except that, there are only minor …
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