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Monero Technical Analysis for 12/12/2015 – MACD Divergence

Monero has had a very tough time getting under 0.001 during December. This area has now propped-up the market about six times since the beginning of the month. The longer price stays above/around 0.001, the higher the odds of a violent breakout. So, is the market giving any hints? I believe so! The 4-hour chart is showing a very clear MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence) divergence. This means that selling momentum …
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Monero Technical Analysis for 11/21/2015 – Big Pivot Area Breaks

The upward momentum that Monero experienced during the beginning of November has now dissipated. Price has broken underneath a very significant pivot zone. In my previous Monero technical analysis article on the 9th of November, I elaborated on the technical significance of the 0.00122 level. This pivot has now propped-up the market about three different times this month, but price managed to close underneath this area yesterday. The 0.00122 has …
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Monero Price Discussion/Speculation – 8/15/2015

Monero has seen of some tough times. Times whre many thought it may nearly beome worthless and other times where markets were at threat due to actions of huge whales. Whilst Monero is a much more diversified coin and so has managed to thrive on investor confidence on sentiment. Recently the price of Monero has fallen into a stable but dangerous pattern as stagnation often breeds the conditions for a …
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