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Litecoin Technical Analysis for 12/11/2015 – Pressure Building Up in the Market

Litecoin has been having a hard time breaking above $3.75 since the end of November. This area has acted as resistance about four different times in the past two weeks. So why is the market having such a hard time breaking out here? A quick look at the chart from the start of November reveals some important details. The $3.70 area acted as support about four times towards the end …
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Litecoin Technical Analysis for 12/07/2015 – Support&Resistance Overview

While Bitcoin has appreciated in value considerably since the start of December, Litecoin – which usually correlates closely to Bitcoin –  has been trading in a much more subdued manner. Why? Lots of pivot zones to chew through. In my previous Litecoin technical analysis from last week, I explained the significance of the $3.46 pivot area and why the market might have some trouble getting over that level. This zone …
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Litecoin Technical Analysis for 12/02/2015 – Price Stuck Between Pivots

The 30-minute chart for Litecoin is showing that price has now closed underneath a significant pivot area. The $3.46 level held as support about three times during the last week of November. When the market plunged under $3.46 yesterday, this level turned into resistance. Price could not weasel its way back above $3.46, and the market plunged even lower. If the price manages to climb above $3.46 again, then that …
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