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Bitcoin Technical Analysis for 11/3/2015 – To the moon

The recent price jump up to $440 in less than 48 hours is truly an unexpected event. There is no obvious reason why the market is moving sideways, however there are a few theories that try to explain the current market. MMM Global Republic of Bitcoin The first theory is that the MMM Global Republic of Bitcoin is the reason why the price is rising. The ponzi scheme uses Bitcoin in order to facilitate …
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Bitcoin Price Discussion/Analysis – 9/3/2015

Bitcoin prices have recently stagnated remaining tame and low over the past few weeks. Whilst the previous high to over $300 had upped the future expectations for bitcoin, it was apparent that the manipulated markets and inflated volume were to blame for causing the prices to increase exponentially in a short period of time. What we see now is the after math of the rally as prices fall back to …
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Bitcoin Price Analysis 7/18

This week Bitcoin started with a nice bull run to a high of $317 on July 12th followed by a crash to $270 and a slight rebound. Currently the price of Bitcoin is $277. The Greece debacle was a major contributor to last week’s bull run and combined with Visa and Mastercard cutting off service to last week was a great week to hold BTC. This week has been …
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