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Google Trends Indicate Positive Interest in Bitcoin

As 2014 comes to an end, the slow decline of Bitcoin’s price have dwindled away the attention of short term profit takers. While the price aspect of Bitcoin is the only measurement of its success for some people, a simple analysis of Google search trends says a lot more about an overall interest in Bitcoin among the masses. As it turns out, a new study of Google trends show a …
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Bitcoin vs other payment systems’ daily transaction volume

This infogram shows that while Bitcoin’s market cap evaluation might be in the Billions the facts are that the transaction volume of Bitcoin is tiny compare to Visa or Mastercard. Here are the data-points upon which this infogram was based:   The only adjustment made to the data-points is to lower the daily Bitcoin volume from 237 (when Bitcoin volume was peaking in december) to the current 60 million USD …
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