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What the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industries are Giving the Gaming Industry

The integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in gaming has made a significant change in terms of its growth. Online and mobile gaming is now the biggest sector of the gaming industry. This simply points to how accessibility is just really important to keep the business going.  The rise of the use of cryptocurrencies only seems to positively affect the gaming industry. In particular, online casino gaming is what seems …
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When will Fortnite servers be up?

Fortnite servers shut down an hour ago due to a scheduled maintenance for the new 11.04 update. This will be the first update for Fortnite in 2020 and is rumored to fix various Fortnite glitches. Unlike most other game companies that give an approximation of how long the maintenance would take, Epic games did not disclose how long the servers will be down for. About Update 11.04 Being the first …
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