Category: Fraud

Ulbricht “will have witnesses killed”, as Judge refuses to reveal names

The Dark web has housed criminals a plenty. Providing annonimity and safety to drug dealers, fraudsters and even arms dealers, the dark web has thrived side by side with Bitcoin.  However the US governments clampdown on dark web businesses came out in force with the Silk Road being one of the main targets. Raising hundreds of thousands dollars on a daily basis the drug marketplace had become popular and associated …
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Why GAW Miners is a scam

What is GAW miners? In simple terms GAW miners is a cloud mining company. It offers “hashlets” which are digital cloud miners. They are available in 1 MH/s (Scrypt) or 10 GH/s (SHA256) slices and do not have an expiration date. They also sell hashstakers which is “the word’s first cloud staking wallet”. For coins using Proof of Share it allows for the staking of these coins in the cloud. Currently they …
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