Trojan Virus Turns Linux Servers into Bitcoin Miners

A new and dangerous computer virus has been targeting Linux servers, its goal: to turn computer servers into Bitcoin miners. The…

4 years ago

Oracle’s Point-of-Sale Division Breached By Russian Hackers

A group of Russian hackers managed to breach Oracle's payment system, stealing hundreds of customer credentials and data in the…

4 years ago

Bitfinex To Socialize Losses: Customers Will Lose 36% of Deposited Funds

After missing the announcement deadline, Bitfinex has finally decided to share with its customer the plans for re-enabling withdrawals: Customers funds…

4 years ago

Venezuela’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Resumes Operations

Surbitcoin, the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Venezuela has resumed normal operations. On July 14th the exchange managed to unfreeze one…

4 years ago

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