Driving DeFi Adoption Through Innovation

As with the advent of Bitcoin and the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, multiple DeFi projects have hit the marketplace, each promising…

3 months ago

How Does ARK.io’s MarketSquare Stand Up As the Decentralized Web’s Go-To Page?

Before, it was impossible to find a unified platform that lists all the thousands of blockchain projects and apps. MarketSquare…

3 months ago

The Decentralized Project TimeCoinProtocol Making an Evolutionary Leap in the Sharing Economy

Other than the TimeTicket professional services shared economy, an initiative dubbed 'eSports' with a focus in the online gaming market…

3 months ago

Emirati-backed Crypto Price Index Offers New Wealth Management Tools via DeFi

Individuals who want to take part in the Crypto Price Index project can obtain CPI tokens via HotBit. Tokens are…

3 months ago

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