Category: Malware

BitSight Identifies Six Industries Prone To Ransomware Attacks

There is nothing more worrisome than having to deal with another ransomware report. This type of malware has instilled fear in so many hearts that people are legitimately afraid of what the future may hold. A new report by BitSight goes to show that the educational sector will remain the prime ransomware target. The government, healthcare, and financial enterprises complete the top four. Six Primary Sectors For Ransomware To Date …
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Mamba Ransomware Encrypts Computer Hard Drives, Rather Than Data

A new type of ransomware a day will not keep the doctor away, unfortunately. Mamba, an intriguing type of ransomware, shows how easy it is for internet criminals to take things to the next level. Rather than encrypting computer files, this malware will encrypt entire hard drives. So far, the malicious software has been impacting users in the US, Brazil, and India. Mamba Is Strangling Computers All Over The World …
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Oracle’s Point-of-Sale Division Breached By Russian Hackers

A group of Russian hackers managed to breach Oracle’s payment system, stealing hundreds of customer credentials and data in the process. The attack affected the company’s point-of-sales credit card payment systems. News broke when security analyst Brian Krebs –also an ex-reporter for the Washington Post– originally reported the attack. The software giant Oracle Corporation ended up admitting the veracity of the reports. The security breach target Micros, a company acquired by Oracle …
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