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Mining Malware Education – BitcoinMiner

Although the number of Bitcoin mining malware infections has always been on the low side, it is still quite annoying when dealing with such an infection. Most of this malware can be removed quite easily once a decent antivirus software has been installed. BitcoinMine, which is labelled as rather low overall risk rating and infection rate, spread itself through the Kolab worm. Also read: Mining Malware Education – BitcoinMine BitcoinMiner …
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Mining Malware Education – BTMine

Other than Bitcoin ransomware, there are more software threats in existence which can do major harm to one’s computer. Cryptocurrency mining malware will eat up a lot of computer resources, which is a major annoyance for the end user. Although hardly any profits are to be made from this process, infecting a vast number of computers can create a ton of mining power. BTMine is one of those examples of …
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BadLepricon bitcoin mining malware exposed

This time the hackers decided to use our cellphones as mining rigs. It all started with a wallpaper app whose developers decided to make some extra money by using our cellphones as mining rigs. The malware, dubbed BadLepricon was found by researchers from a security firm called Lookout. Quoted from their blog post: Lookout found a piece of mobile malware in Google Play that quietly uses your phone’s processing power to …
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