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Shieldcoin SHLD vs Stealthcoin XST

Which one is better? Lets look at the main differences between Shieldcoin and Stealthcoin. The first one is that Stealthcoin runs under the X13 algorithm and Shieldcoin runs under X15. You may have been hearing about these new X11, X13, X15 algorithms and alot of people ask what they are about. These new and profitable algorithms are the big shots in the GPU mining world and were created specifically for GPU …
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Why Shieldcoin is on the rise – the race to anonymity

What is Shieldcoin? Shieldcoin is a new coin launched on July 8th. It features the X15 algorithm, PoW and PoS, and now the developer is working on a an implementation of anonymous transactions. Here are the basic specifications taken form Algorithm: X15 POW/POSTicker: SHLDMax POW Coins: Approx 1,000,000 SHLDPoS Starts on Block 2500, Approx 3 Days MiningNo PremineBlock RewardsBlock 0 to 29 – 0 CoinsBlock 30 to 500 – 666 CoinsBlock 501 …
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StealthCoin – progressive and anonymous cryptocurrency

StealthCoin is an cryptocurrency that was launched on July 8th. It features the new X13 energy efficient algorithm, a POS stage after a reasonable POW period, and integration with the Tor network in order to provide true anonymity. There is going to be a small premine of 1% which will be used to fund further development in the coin. StealthCoin (XTS) is currently trading on Bittrex and Cryptoine for 0.00000890 BTC. Resources …
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