Cash Poker Pro Is a Modern Decentralized Poker Room

Online poker is a big market that cryptocurrency has the chance to change irreversibly. In the many online casinos and poker sites, players are assigned a random number for identification purposes. However, the generators for those numbers can be influenced by outside forces, potentially compromising the privacy of players. Cash Poker Pro is looking to change that by implementing blockchain technology to benefit players.

Cash Poker Pro Is a Modern Decentralized Poker Room

Cash Poker Pro is a modern and decentralized online poker room whose network structure enables fast and confidential money transfers for players via the blockchain. The project started when its team looked at today’s online poker industry to try and identify the problems present in this popular method of online gambling. The team boasts over 10 years of experience in gambling and an additional three in poker specifically, so they know their stuff. Having conducting their research, they were particularly concerned with the privacy of players and the centralization of many online casinos. With knowledge of players’ numbers and unimpeded access to the actual game’s code base, many of these sites and poker rooms are understandably distrusted by their players. What is to keep online site owners from exploiting their players’ privacy, or worse, rigging the outcomes of hands to favor the house? It is easy to understand the frustration and fears that players have when thinking about it like this. 

That is where Cash Poker Pro plans to bring in the blockchain to decentralize the online poker world. Its team wants to create a poker room that users and players can trust. To achieve this, Cash Poker Pro will use a decentralized random generator number as opposed to the centralized ones used by other poker rooms. Their overarching goal is to bring online poker rooms to messenger platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook. They feel this is an unoccupied niche that could be potentially very lucrative. The project is far from just a white paper, as they have some key partners with whom they have already done business elsewhere.

CASH Tokens and the Pre-ICO

Cash Poker Pro will begin its Pre-ICO offering CASH tokens to the public in a few days. This ethereum-based token will act as the native currency for Cash Poker Pro’s poker rooms. Investors can purchase these tokens at a rate of 1 CASH to US$0.05. That price will jump up to US$0.40 a token at the beginning of the actual ICO in late October.

Players will be able to bet these tokens in the poker rooms themselves and trade them on supporting exchanges. Those who hold these tokens are also entitled to a monthly distribution of profits from the project. If the project turns a profit that month, holders will receive 50% of profits. That 50% is distributed among holders proportional to the amount of CASH each holds.

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