CartelCoin – Make Way for the Future of Supply Chain Management

The CartelCoin project envisions a world where manufacturers can know their customer and deliver to them directly. As they’ve stated, “Our objective is not to optimize the supply chain but to remove it.”  

This is a world that leverages the blockchain to enable group-buying power so everyone, from individuals to small businesses, can purchase regular and premium goods without bias, unnecessary delays and excess costs. By utilizing existing smart contracts, it aims to accomplish this initiative on a trustless chain, without a mediator connecting the two parties. It might not sound as flashy as some cryptocurrency projects, but this simple concept is set to have a remarkable global impact.

The current supply chain dates back as far as the 19th Century and is completely outmoded irrespective of small improvements. CartelCoin has identified the weakest points of this model and proposes simple yet effective ways to disrupt it and unleash the future of the supply chain.

A Simple yet Foolproof Project

CartelCoin operates on the simplest premise, connecting businesses and consumers to the manufacturers directly, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries. It is a straightforward concept that addresses a real market need, offering a foolproof yet amazingly simple solution.

The project makes use of smart contracts and the transparent and immutable public ledger features of the blockchain to address the major loopholes in today’s supply chain model. In doing so, it offers a practical application that presents numerous benefits for everyone involved.

To highlight its unique capabilities, they are creating an e-commerce platform that will enable the direct sales of goods from manufacturers to individual consumers. The forthcoming business-to-business platform holds much promise as well for suppliers and particularly, smaller outfits. Given that many small businesses must wait for months to place orders sizable enough to gain scale pricing, bulk buying will be considerably more attainable. The platform will operate on a global sphere, making it easy to satisfy manufacturers’ demands using group purchases.

There are numerous cryptocurrency projects aimed at optimizing the current supply chain model due to its glaring shortfalls. What makes CartelCoin outstanding is that instead of attempting to optimize a broken system, it does away with it altogether.

To date, the internet has only provided part of the solution, accelerating and streamlining the purchase process. But being centralized, it still carries major flaws of the old system and requires a disruption. This is where CartelCoin comes in with a multi-layered approach that offers the ideal platform, technology and payment system to completely revolutionize the supply chain.

A Realistic Vision

CartelCoin has a vision of providing a seamless e-commerce experience that will streamline the distribution of commercial goods and reduce wastage of natural and other resources. This is a realistic and attainable vision considering that the breakdown in the traditional retail model stems from factors that can be controlled.

Wholesalers and manufacturers at the moment have to rely on middlemen in order to reach their consumers and make a profit from their business. The only way for them to run a viable business is by selling in bulk but to date it has not been possible to do this directly to the consumer.

Retailers wield more than their fair share of power as they control prices and also compromise the consumer choice. Manufacturers have to play by their rules to fit in the retail supply chain or face denial of entry into the market. They spend almost 20% of any product’s value on marketing to woo retailers so as to get a piece of the pie.

The CartelCoin model seeks to address this challenge by consolidating global orders for goods from individual customers that justify selling at wholesale prices. This approach will cut down their marketing and logistics expenses and assure them of unfettered access to their target consumers.

The immutability of the blockchain makes it the perfect technology to support the vision as it is a self-operating, trustless model. Its decentralized structure minimizes transaction costs and uses smart contracts to guarantee fulfillment of obligations. This system offers a natural solution to the issues faced by the current e-commerce framework.

Additionally, the existing financial system that supports internet commerce is in dire straits. This is evident from the endless fiascos between consumers and digital payment service providers. Simple processes like transaction reversals or cancellations are outrageously complex for no good reason.

The CartelCoin model proposes the use of smart contracts to remedy this situation. When consumers make payments for goods, these are held in escrow until the manufacturer completes their end of the deal. Only then will funds be released. This transaction is feeless for consumers and the nature of the contract guarantees a simple return of funds in case transaction conditions are not met.

MVP within 3-6 Months

Unlike many blockchain proposals that sound great on paper but take a lifetime to execute, the CartelCoin model is already set to walk the talk. The platform is already under development and the project should have a minimum viable product (MVP) within 3-6 months from now.

In order to achieve this, the developers are already ahead of schedule on the development of a user interface for the platform. At the moment, it is undergoing rigorous testing and is holding up impressively.

A Vibrant Sales Team to Actuate the Vision

The viability of any business proposal revolves around gaining traction with the target audience. Cartel aims to have a global community of users, both buyers and sellers encouraged to maintain a presence and open communication.

The team behind this project is aware of the need for due diligence so as to make the proposal a reality. To this end, they are already recruiting sales teams ready to pitch the concept to the relevant parties and ensure that it gains rapid widespread adoption.

An Honest Hard Cap

CartelCoin plans to generate and issue a total of 100 million CartelCoin(CC) tokens, releasing the total supply into the market right at the onset. According to the team, this is meant to shield the token against value distortion and dilution that usually arises when coins are released gradually into the market.

The 7.9 million hard cap for the ICO is an honest choice based on actual requirements to get the project off the ground. The platform will carry out an ICO in order to collect contributions for the 100 million CRTL coins and cap, compared to most, is notably low. The proceeds from this contribution will go towards developing and maintaining the innovative blockchain protocol, its deployment on the network and commercialization through marketing campaigns.

New Updates

CartelCoin already has an impressive website but the developer team is releasing a new and improved version for the ICO.

The team is also updating the project’s whitepaper and executive summary. The new versions are more comprehensive than their predecessors with greater visual representation tools to offer higher appeal and help users understand the concepts with greater ease. The updated documents also incorporate more detailed roadmaps and clearly define the tokenization model.

Keep an eye out for reviews on the project’s ICO as YouTube influencers are working on them and will be submitting their footage soon. This and the other above mentioned updates should be complete and ready for consumption by March 1, 2018.

At the moment, the CartelCoin Telegram page is already live. You can hang out there, meet some of the team members behind the project and even ask burning questions.

The whole team will be introduced to the public soon as the project works towards launching its full ICO marketing campaign. The first round already seems promising as it appears to have achieved “low cap gem” status in some popular groups.

Embrace the Future with CartelCoin

The current supply chain model has notable flaws and inefficiencies that negatively impact key players who should instead benefit from it.

The CartelCoin project will revolutionize this system by improving the value delivery given to both consumers and manufacturers. It will also cut down costs, reduce the environmental toll and create a more efficient system of operation.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.