BUY&SELL and BAS – the Opportunity to Earn Both Ways: with and without Investments

After the rapid growth of the value of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in December 2017, the world was swept by cryptocurrency fever. But the majority of people who rushed to buy up the crypto currency and the farms for mining did not bother to understand its essence and the basic principles of the work of the blockchain.

All crypto-currencies can be divided into 3 main types:

  1. Commercial – designed to replace conventional currencies in the global economy. The problem is that most of them are designed to manipulate the stock market and do not even have a limited number of coins.
  2. Game – used for in-game calculations.
  3. Platform – the crypto-currencies that were created for use in conjunction with some kind of platform or service (for example, Ethereum was created for use with the platform of smart contracts).

The cryptocurrency BAS regards to the latest type of cryptocurrencies. While most of the newly created copies of Bitcoin do not carry any innovation and real value. BAS is developed in conjunction with a new high-tech service – the classified, based on blockchain, BUY&SELL. BAS is used as an intra-platform currency for calculations between buyers and sellers. This symbiosis can turn out to be very effective because the technology of blockchain gives to the classified some advantages over competitors and attracts new participants of the system. In their turn, the new users of the classified automatically become the holders of BAS cryptocurrency and increase its value.

At the stage of PRE-ICO, the price for the token will be set at $ 0.1, at the ICO stage, it will be doubled. It is assumed that after the end of the ICO, the price for the BAS token will be $ 0.4. So at the initial stage, you can increase your capital by 4 times. Further growth will be due to an increase in the number of active users of the platform. According to the results of the analysis carried out by the creators of the project, an increase of 500% is expected annually. In addition, 40% of the profits of BUY&SELL company will be transferred annually to the ETH wallet and distributed among the holders of the tokens.

In order to increase the demand for tokens and promote their constant growth in the future, the payment for advertising services for the promotion of goods on the site will be carried out in BAS tokens.

A good option for those who are interested in crypto-currencies, but does not have available funds, or simply is not yet ready for direct investment, is the opportunity to help in the development of the project and get a piece of bounty for it. Managers of the company have appointed generous rewards for those who agree to promote the project. The most generous offers are appointed for those who can translate the texts of the site or white-paper onto missing languages ‚Äčand bloggers who have promoted blogs and public streams on social networks. But even just joining the community of the company in social networks, putting the likes and making reposts of the posts you like ¬†– you will get a pleasant sum in the BAS tokens. For example, for joining the community on Facebook, liking or commenting a post in the community, you can get 10 BAS tokens. Each repost will bring you 20 BAS tokens. So for half an hour of spent time, you can easily get 200-300 tokens., which can, in the long run, grow seriously in price.

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