Build the Future with Bitmora, an Upcoming Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitmora is building a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange and is encouraging the public to join them on their development journey starting today.

Bitmora is a crypto-to-crypto exchange being developed with the intention of fixing any and all issues current exchanges face today. From overhauling outdated platforms to eradicating the complete lack of customer support faced by traders, Bitmora is here to provide a much needed update and is ready to set the new industry standard.

Bitmora is not a traditional pop-up exchange. Rather than immediate release, Bitmora is giving the community the opportunity to participate in the building process. By investing as little as $10 through the choice of 20+ different coins, grants exclusive voting rights for suggestions provided by our user base. The more a person invests, the more say they’ll have on whether or not a suggestion is implemented by our development team.

Unlike other exchanges, Bitmora is vocal and supportive of Blockchain technologies and its development uses. Their team actively campaigns for widespread adoption of the Blockchain in both the financial sector and fintech startups. Before going public, members of the Bitmora team spent over eight months gathering feedback on what the community needs in an exchange. Active on over 10 of the largest Bitcoin forums, and connected to industry leaders, they have built a strong database of upgrades that they believe this community deserves. Investing in the Bitmora funding campaign gains exclusive access to the beta on day one. This will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to test out a ground-breaking exchange and while trading with little to no fees.

Is Bitmora going to lay the groundwork for the future?

Bitmora is of the belief that decentralized exchanges are the future, but understands the strong demand for a centralized system by investors and traders who don’t want to take on the cumbersome task of using and maintaining wallet keys by themselves. Bitmora is launching under the law of centralization, but our long-term goal is decentralized migration; beginning with optional private key importing and exporting, and eventually providing lone control over private keys. This transition will be 100% optional and will be determined by the user according to their expertise level.

Beyond decentralization, Bitmora will launch the first ever international Crypto-Exchange phone support system, with live operators ready to provide assistance for any issue experienced. Our account specialists will not be outsourced by 3rd parties and will undergo specialized training in the database systems and network infrastructure backing our exchange after passing a rigorous background test.

Bitmora will utilize a revolutionary fee system that will allow the user to choose the fees they pay. Presented with a choice between a fixed or percentage based fee system, users will find that they are almost always able to benefit from the flexibility provided by having two options. Percentage based is the traditional system exchanges utilize and include Taker and Maker fees of around 0.20% per transaction. The Bitmora percentage fee will be lower than this, and traders will be even more excited to realize the benefit of our fixed based fee system, which features a taker fee of 0.03%, a maker fee of 0.01%, with an additional flat-rate $7 fee. This splits normal fees in half if trading over $10,000.

The funding campaign of Bitmora explained

Bitmora will not be releasing an ICO. While Bitmora strongly agrees with the use of ICO’s by decentralized fintech companies, it finds it both counter-intuitive and counterproductive to utilize a coin offering itself; for starters, Bitmora is centralized, furthermore, Bitmora has no intention of being anything other than the best exchange on the market, at this time an ICO does nothing to further that goal.

Rather than an ICO, the Bitmora funding campaign will be structured like an original crowdfund, with payouts beginning no later than 3 months after the official opening. A fixed percentage of 30% will be set aside from Bitmora’s monthly revenue to be redistributed to funding campaign participants. Depending on the investor tier, monthly payouts can continue for 12-18 consecutive months.

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