Brickspool, the First Crypto-REIT Starts Operations

”   We combine the security and agility that new technologies provide with the peace of a conservative income generating investment on real estate. Practically is the same business that our grandparents have trusted for decades, just under a modern platform securely linked to a cryptocurrency.
”   Our crowdfunding plan is to raise 65 MDD of equity to acquire properties valued up to 150 MDD which will expandable on the first anniversary of the investment

Brickspool (BRICK) is a token, or virtual currency, backed by real assets on the Ethereum platform, which would allow investing on real estate in the United States in a safe and reliable manner, backed by securities issued by the Vienna stock market.

Bricks Asset Management LLC, the real estate investment fund adviser dedicated to foreign promotion under the Core strategy, has been working for two years on this project. The idea is to break with the systemic component traditionally applied to real estate industry and include the blockchain in transactions.

The investment through Brickspool is built on crowdfunding and capitalized by the Ether cryptocurrency. This is linked and sustained by the income from the commercial real estate acquired by the funds raised. The blockchain is the bond of trust and backed by a series of locks and financial mechanisms that will provide peace of mind to the investors.

“This cryptocurrency will be a haven as an investment formula in an asset linked to real estate, now there is a diminished risk option backed by real assets that generates value and liquidity,” said Alberto Azpúrua Lara, Bricks Asset Management CEO.

The investor buys the token through his wallet in Ether equivalent to a fund title, the money the will be received by IA Capital, who will deposit it in the Sanne Trust. This operation is guaranteed by an escrow account, supervised by the government of the state of Florida, where the responsible attorney will be the only one authorized to arrange it for the purchase of real estate and operating expenses.

The investment vehicle or Flex Fund is under Irish law and listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Flex Fund is contracted to calculate annually at its net asset value. The next step would be to generate a secondary market for investors with the registration of the token in the Altcoins exchanges or Ether Delta cryptocurrencies just in February of this year.

Due to its optimal annual economic growth above 2.7%, healthy public finances, constant growth in employment and the available commercial square footage, we plan to do our first investment on the state of Florida. Bricks Asset Management certifies each property with physical verification and taking care of optimal relation with tenants, maintenance, insurance, taxes and services.

Diego González Romano GFO at Bricks Asset Management stated that “all transactions and the value of the properties will be carried out through transparent, organized and secure management; based on quarterly reports and annual portfolio valuations, with the ability to manage and act on the best interests for investors by offering agile decisions in the acquisition process, as well as the daily asset management process.”

We estimate to finalize the acquisitions for the portfolio on the first two years of the term of the fund, with a leverage of 65% of the cost of the acquisition, projecting to collect $50,000,000 of equity to acquire properties up to a $150,000,000 of value which could be expandable on the first anniversary of the investment.

As for security locks, Bricks Asset Management LLC has a contract with three internationally recognized firms; the Flex Fund ETP responsible for issuing the fund or vehicle where the resources will be channeled adequately and transparently on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Kaufman, Rossin & Co one of the most important tax firms in South Florida who will establish the appropriate fiscal strategy for the investment, while Valis Capital Partners, SGPS will be responsible for the repurchase of tokens. These repurchases come from the product of the free cash flow of the projects, this generates a strategy that maintains and increases the value of the tokens.
Bricks Asset Management LLC has a team of professionals with experience and knowledge in real estate investment management in the United States and Mexico, with physical offices in Miami and Mexico City which allows a key interaction with the main members of the industry ecosystem as investment analysts dedicated 100% to the administration of the fund.

Name: Brickspool
Symbol: BRICK
1ETH = 1000.00 BRICK
Issue: 50,000.000 Tokens

Bricks Asset Management LLC was established in September 2015, and has gain a proven track record in identifying, evaluating and managing commercial real estate acquisition investments advising commercial real estate investment funds considered as the lowest risk by focusing on acquiring real estate already rented where its acquisition cost is paid from the income stream, with the lowest volatility.

CEO Alberto Azpúrua Lara has a background in the financial and real estate industry since 1991 and has been involved in multiple debt, capital and quasi-capital transactions. He was CEO of Cactus Verde, which specialized in commercial real estate, as well as distributing the Argus Software in Mexico. He has also been an instructor of real estate financial analysis and asset management in multiple private equity companies and independent business analyst for various companies in Mexico and the United States.
He has a bachelor degree on Advertising from IUNP University in Venezuela, he also completed a program of High Management AD-2 of the IPADE in Mexico, and a Real Estate Executive Seminar at Harvard Business School. He will seek financing for capital and debt transactions as well as its analysis.
CFO Diego González Romano General Director in Grupo 7 Urbana is an specialist in the development of real estate projects in the residential sector, all with an impeccable commercial and financial execution and he is the creator of the Bricks concept in 2013, executing it as a spinoff of his company in 2015.
He has bachelor degree in Architect by the Universidad Iberoamericana with a master in Real Estate Development at ITAM, he has a certificate on Finance and Commercial Real Estate Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology .
He is responsible of the financial side of all the deals once they are acquired, managing the administration, accounting and taxes on the properties.

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