Blockmove has launched a multi-functional platform for working with cryptocurrency – wallet, Merchant, and API provider in one place

Blockmove officially launched its platform a couple of months ago. For such a short period of time, Blockmove has managed to assert itself on the market and is successfully gaining momentum. And all this is due to the fact that the company keeps up with the times and develops the blockchain industry. You are asking how? It’s very simple. Blockmove is working towards introducing cryptocurrency into everyday life. Let’s look first at the service, that the company provides and who may need it. 

More about Blockmove

The Blockmove platform will be interest to both ordinary users (for storing, receiving, sending, and exchanging cryptocurrency) and professional market participants (for accepting cryptocurrency on their websites, online stores, and apps). In the first case, we are talking about using the Blockmove crypto wallet, and in the second – about applying for Merchant and API services. In both cases, the user needs to go through a simple and quick registration and then use the services that are necessary for them. The service supports a huge number of different cryptocurrencies, is highly secure, guarantees complete anonymity, and provides a functional software tool (API) for its partners. 

Blockmove competitive advantages 

Representatives of the Blockmove team say with confidence that their service has no direct competitors. Indeed, comparing the distinctive features of Blockmove with popular analogues, it is not difficult to identify obvious advantages. First, those who want to use the service as a wallet don`t pay any additional commission for deposits or withdrawals. Secondly, really favorable terms are offered to those who want to use Merchant or API, just look at the following table:


  1. The wallets created in Blockmove support hierarchical deterministic (HD) technology. 
  2. The service does not store users’ private keys either with itself or with any third parties, but generates them only upon users’ requests. 
  3. If you use the service as Merchant, to accept payments on your websites or online stores, Blockmove provides a whole year of free service. Next, you will need to pay only $49 per month and there`s no interest on each payment!
  4. If a user interacts with the service via the API, they pay 2-3 times less commission than their competitors.
  5. Very fast customer support service that solves any user questions 24/7.

Create a completely anonymous and secure wallet right now by going to the Blockmove official website. The registration process is very simple – you only need an email and no additional information. After registration, all functionality and features will be immediately available.