BlockDAG’s Presale Soars to $54.5 Million Following XRP & Arbitrum Developments

BlockDAG Secures $54.5M Through Keynote Success and X1 Beta Miner, Amidst Buzz Around XRP and Arbitrum

In a market hungry for fresh innovation, BlockDAG stands out as a rapidly growing powerhouse. With a staggering $54.5 million raised in its 19th presale, which saw 11.8 billion coins sold at $0.014 each, BlockDAG is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. 

The crypto community is abuzz with talk of XRP’s integration and Arbitrum’s potential price increase. At the same time, BlockDAG’s new X1 miner beta app and its second Keynote event demonstrate its transformative approach to blockchain technology.

XRP’s Prospective Expansion in Thailand

Ripple’s recent outreach to Thai officials has highlighted potential new avenues for regional XRP integration. A prominent cryptocurrency advocate pointed out Ripple’s strategic focus on Thailand, sparked by the country’s interest in joining the BRICS economic bloc, which could have significant implications for global crypto dynamics.


Following research into a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by Thailand’s central bank, Ripple praised the country’s forward-thinking initiatives and offered support for CBDC implementations, emphasising the importance of partnerships between public entities and private companies.

Arbitrum (ARB) Eyes Potential Price Jump

Analysts are keenly observing Arbitrum (ARB), anticipating a notable uptick in its market price. Even after a decline, sentiment around ARB is improving, encouraged by regulatory support for Ethereum, which positively affects associated altcoins like Arbitrum.

A crypto analyst predicts a bullish phase for ARB, identifying a key resistance level that, if broken, could reshape the market and propel ARB to new price heights. He suggests specific strategies for traders to leverage anticipated market movements.

BlockDAG’s Second Keynote and X1 Miner Beta App Raise Excitement

BlockDAG continues to capture the interest of the crypto community with new developments, particularly through its engaging Keynote 2, announced as ‘straight from the Moon.’ BDAG coins are now priced at $0.014 in their 19th batch, to reach $0.015 in the upcoming 20th batch, pushing the presale total to over $54.5 million with 11.8 billion coins sold.

Keynote 2 underscored BlockDAG’s successes and upcoming innovations, focusing on groundbreaking technology and transparent operations. A major highlight is the worldwide beta release of the X1 miner app on iOS through TestFlight and Android via the official website, which turns smartphones into efficient mining devices capable of mining 20 BDAG coins daily.

The app, designed for user-friendliness and sustainability, features proof of engagement to enhance the mining process without draining excessive battery or data. Users can boost their mining effectiveness through a unique referral system and daily engagement incentives, increasing both accessibility and rewards in the blockchain space. BlockDAG’s commitment to user-centric innovations is further highlighted by upcoming features like smart contract capabilities and asset balance updates, affirming its position as a leading crypto platform.

Final Thoughts

With XRP’s emerging integration possibilities and Arbitrum’s expected price path, BlockDAG’s focus on accessible technology, like the beta X1 miner app, and clear operational strategies make it a cutting-edge choice in the cryptocurrency sector. Dedicated to improving user engagement and expanding features such as smart contracts, BlockDAG is poised to dominate as a top-tier crypto platform, offering significant opportunities for investors and technology enthusiasts.

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