BlockDAG Attracts $51.1M Following Influencer Hype; 1,120% Surge Dwarfs ETC & Render Prices

The market attentively observes as Ethereum Classic’s prospects darken, Render (RNDR)’s price slightly increases and BlockDAG skyrockets with a 1,120% jump since its initial batch. Celebrated YouTube personality, Crypto Bull, has endorsed BlockDAG as the top emerging crypto of 2024, praising its innovative DAG-based PoW technology and unprecedented ROI potential. His trending video has ignited significant investor interest, propelling BlockDAG to amass $51.1 million in funding. The performance of BlockDAG’s X100 miner outshines leading competitors, hinting at a potential $100 daily passive income for miners.

Render (RNDR) Price: Ready to Break Past $15?

The outlook for Render (RNDR) is buoyant after a recent 4% rise in the last week, signaling a solid bullish momentum. RNDR is currently valued at $10.42 with a market cap of $3.85 billion. Analysts speculate that the token could ascend toward $15, with $10 proving to be a strong support level. However, a slight 1.16% drop over the past 24 hours has kept the community on edge, closely monitoring the $11.6 resistance mark. Upcoming AI-centric events, like Apple’s WWDC, may further stoke investor interest in RNDR.

Ethereum Classic’s Dimming Prospects: Bulls Retreat

The bullish fervor around Ethereum Classic is fading, with indicators pointing to emerging bearish trends. ETC’s performance has been underwhelming, failing to sustain the $29 support level after recently dipping to $25. Over the last 10 days, ETC’s price declined from $31 to $28.6, with the overall downturn in Bitcoin exacerbating Ethereum Classic’s grim future. Open Interest has also seen sharp drops, indicating persistent selling pressure. Though it seems unlikely, a bullish resurgence might be possible if ETC can establish an upward trend on shorter timeframes.

BlockDAG Clinches $51.1M in Funding with Influencer Boost

BlockDAG’s presale has shattered previous records set by giants such as Ethereum, Ripple, Kaspa, and even Bitcoin, achieving a stunning 1,120% ROI for early batch investors, with prices escalating from $0.001 in batch 1 to $0.0122 in batch 18. Crypto Bull’s recent video spotlighted BlockDAG’s substantial market impact, covering its Moon Keynote, upcoming enhancements, community outreach initiatives, and future prospects. The video also highlighted BlockDAG’s endorsements from Forbes and Bloomberg, the launch of its X1 Miner App which enables smartphone mining, and the availability of 10 different payment options for participating in the presale.

He lauded BlockDAG’s capability to rake in an estimated $5 million in daily sales. He also hinted that BlockDAG’s swift presale progression might lead to an earlier-than-expected Mainnet launch in less than four months, potentially boosting the price even further, with experts projecting a staggering 20,000x ROI for current investors. This revelation pushed BlockDAG’s presale revenue to a remarkable $51.1 million.

Beyond its investment appeal, BlockDAG also offers lucrative mining opportunities for both novice and seasoned miners. The X100 mining rig, recently experiencing a surge in sales, features a 2TH/s hash rate, consumes 1800W, and boasts an advanced cooling system, outperforming even the top Bitcoin miners. Its superior design and Ethernet connectivity facilitate mining up to 2,000 BDAG/day in virtually any environment, while its compatibility with the SHA-256 algorithm enables mining of Bitcoin and Kaspa as well.

BlockDAG holds the record for the fastest batch progression in the history of cryptocurrency. Its impending Mainnet launch, expected in less than four months, is likely to catapult BDAG’s price from $0.0122 to $1. For miners, this promises a daily passive income of $100 and the potential for millions in the long-term.

Final Insights

Against the backdrop of RNDR’s modest price increase and ETC’s sharp downturn, BlockDAG emerges as the standout crypto contender for 2024. Following substantial influencer endorsements and a 1,120% price increase since its debut, BlockDAG maintains an unmatched growth trajectory. Now priced at $0.0122 per BDAG in batch 18 and having raised a whopping $51.1 million from over 11.6 billion coins sold, its X100 mining rig is poised to generate $100 daily for miners post-launch, underscoring its potential as a significant player in the crypto market

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