Blockchain startup Synereo discloses distributed storage protocol

Synereo discloses distributed storage protocol and reflective programming language to be built on top of its Blockchain 2.0 architecture.

Tel-Aviv, Sept. 24 – Two weeks after announcing Rchain, the first scalable, turing complete blockchain infrastructure, Synereo discloses two additional components of its decentralized technology stack, challenging the role of central servers and effectively revolutionizing the way the internet works.    

In a blog post published today, Synereo introduces Special-K – a storage and content delivery layer for the distributed hosting of various forms of data; and Rholang – a smart contracting language specifically designed for the parallel execution of processes. With Special-K and Rholang built on top of Rchain, Synereo’s tech-stack 2.0 incorporates all faculties needed to support decentralized computation without central servers, allowing for the first time decentralized applications and services to fully function without central points of control.


Special-K is Synereo’s Storage and Content Delivery layer, built on top of the company’s Blockchain 2.0 infrastructure.

While the blockchain records the overall state of the system — meaning the validity of transactions and the execution of smart contracts — it is not suited for the storage of heavy media data such as images, videos and text. For this purpose, Synereo’s CTO, Greg Meredith, developed a unique protocol to distribute this kind of information among Synereo nodes and then retrieve it on demand.

Special-K has been under active development for over five years and constitutes an innovative approach to distributed storage technology, representing an evolution of DHT-like distributed key-value databases. Special-K also provides a monadic domain-specific language, providing programmers with a familiar, unified API where they can access data distributed across the network. Data is distributed with both redundancy and sensitivity in mind, making sure it’s available where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and concealed when it’s not.