Blockchain startup Rouge & the future of digital marketing

London, January 16th 2017. Reaching out online with a campaign that offers a not-to-be missed coupon opportunity is an effective form of marketing. Everybody loves a discount. Yet, with as much as 307 billion coupons distributed in the US in 2016 only 2.2 billion coupons were redeemed. Because the reality is, coupons don’t work.  When it comes to using coupon codes, it’s practically inevitable that consumers will have to sift through outdated and fake listings. Where a brand could have earned the trust and dollars and a repeat customer on the horizon, the opposite happens. Millions have already been poured into startups hoping to resolve the problem with the digital coupon industry, yet the problem persists – mostly due to technological limits and less control over the journey of the coupon.

Whilst blockchain technology is not ready to deliver many of the promised use-cases, the coupon market is actually a use-case, where blockchain technology makes sense and can already make a difference – with the solution developed by Rouge Network.

Founders Naira d’Arcollières and Christophe Le Bars, have developed a solution for the many problems of digital coupons with their new blockchain coupon platform Rouge.

With Rouge’s blockchain coupon platform, we can resolve once and for all the problems with expired and fake coupons. Additionally, it will be easier and cheaper for merchants to manage coupons, plus they will be able to track coupons online, which is not possible to do with the current system. Meanwhile, consumers have a new opportunity, to trade on their unused coupons. So we can create a whole new marketplace.” explains Naira d’Arcollières.

How Rouge can transform the coupon industry

  • Unique coupons: The use by date is coded into the coupon, so expired coupons will no longer exist online. Say goodbye to “this coupon is no longer valid.”
  • End of fake coupons: A coupon generated from the Rouge blockchain platform becomes a unique digital object that cannot be replicated, and can only be used once.
  • Trackable online coupons: The platform based on smart contracts and Ethereum’s public ledger will also make coupons easier and cheaper to manage, providing more accurate information on a coupons’ status.
  • E-Commerce 3.0: Additionally, with the Rouge platform, coupons can be re-sold on to a secondary market. Customers can share a promotional deal they have received for their loyalty to a trading place where new customers exist, giving coupons added value, and making the coupon experience easier to share, and a much more fun and reliable experience.


The Rouge Project will explore further possibilities of creating marketing layers on a public ledger beyond the concept of the Rouge coupon. Rouge is the seed for a much larger set of future E-Commerce functions.” added Christophe Le Bars.  


The Rouge Project is an open-source software project building a protocol — the Rouge Network — as a suite of smart contracts using the Rouge token (RGE) on the Ethereum blockchain. Rouge frees coupons from middle-men and outdated, imprecise “codes” that encourage abuse and frustration. It reduces costs, and eliminates fraud and grey-market trading, instead creating non-falsifiable, non-repudiable unique usage coupons. This blockchain platform will foster decentralized applications (ÐApps) opening new possibilities for coupons. Trackable, verifiable, monitizeable, secure, frictionless and unique coupons are the future of digital marketing. Founded by Naira d’Arcollières and Christophe Le Bars, Rouge has offices in Hong-Kong and Paris. Visit  


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