Blockchain Solutions Provider DAO.Casino Repositions as DAOBet

The blockchain technology development team at DAO.Casino, whose main aspirations are to build the blockchain infrastructure that would be used by the gaming 3.0 players, among others, have announced a new and improved strategy to ensure they maximize their impact on their target market. 

The chief purpose of DAO.Casino has always been to rebuild and find solutions to the long-term issues in the decentralized gambling industry. To reassert those aims, it has now embarked on a new branding strategy to ensure the startup continues to take more steps forward and mark its territory in the blockchain infrastructure and its competitive market. 

As DAOBet, its core mission and purpose remains: develop a unique blockchain infrastructure for gaming and its players. As DAO.Casino, it made a name as a provider that prioritized and ensured gamers accessed the quickest and most secure experience with its high transaction speeds and random number generation, while doing away with performance bottlenecks. However, this reputation has led to it being often mistaken as an online gambling website. 

Because of this (and the nature of its blockchain infrastructure), the firm has already considered all the changes to the brand to ensure its product is well presented and more appealing as a technological infrastructure and not as an online gaming site. This, it hopes, will help it to target the desired market and further achieve conveying its one-of-a-kind technology from the very start.

A rebranding has long been a goal in mind, and along with that, the significant changes need to be made. Today, the company already has many advantages to its nameincluding speedy transactions, an available fully working product and the upcoming launch of Mainnet. However, the crucial next move in the process of rebranding is to effect the change in name to something that will more accurately reflect what the firm is really all about and how it is addressed on the market to avoid improper branding. 

To ensure an effective new product positioning, DAO.Casino will now be known as DAObet, an EOS-compatible blockchain. This new brand name gives freedom to the company, allowing it to be more recognizable and avoid any associations with the gambling industry. After all, the DAO blockchain ecosystem is not just about online gambling and gaming, it is for all users who have the opportunity to become involved in the staking system (which offers rewards of up to 16% total supply each year) and building decentralized applications. 

DAOBet has much more to announce and is currently preparing for its big reveals. Now there is a higher level of confidence in the development team for DAOBet’s future successes as it has a brand new name that will be recognized and remembered for what it is, and not mistaken for something it is not. This will help create room for the company’s desired position in the blockchain infrastructure market, as a well-established service that offers a valuable and competitive product for everyone. 

The blockchain gambling market is constantly growing and DAOBet openly invites users from all over the world to join its community and help drive this growth, as well as grow with it. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article