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Blockchain Powered E-commerce Platform Elysian Looks to Build Trust between Businesses and Consumers by Redefining Security and Efficiency

Elysian, a blockchain based startup, is all set to create a relationship of trust between the businesses and consumers in e-commerce like never before by addressing the most common shortcomings of this thriving industry. This decentralized ecosystem will drastically transform the standard e-commerce business model by ensuring faster delivery, secure customer data storage and identity theft protection.   

Seoul, South Korea May 20, 2018

Elysian is making quick inroads towards their pursuit to deliver a decentralized e-commerce platform with innovative security and revolutionary user experience. A blockchain based ecosystem, Elysian will be the first e-commerce platform to integrate blockchain for the secure storage of all customer data and utilize the technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to deliver an unprecedented user experience.

Business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce is a massive global market, expected to generate global sales exceeding $4 trillion by 2021. However, the lack of trustworthy cyber security, primarily in the form of identity theft, remains to be a serious concern for the industry. Moreover, the cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world are still waiting for an e-commerce platform that will accept cryptocurrency in exchange for all their products and services. From an overall perspective, till now, the industry still has much room for improvement in terms of user experience, specifically by integrating new types of technologies.

Elysian makes e-commerce trustworthy by creating an improved level of data storage security by using the Proof-of-Authority algorithm. This will ensure the creation of an ecosystem with a private blockchain to store encrypted credit card information and other user data securely over a distributed network.  With the application of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, it will allow shoppers the freedom to shop at home in an intimate environment and still enjoy a level of engagement that is similar to an in-store experience. Built on the Ethereum network, the Elysian system will be fuelled by the ELYCOIN (ELY) tokens.

Elysian clients will be able to use the platform for their own businesses, providing an upgraded level of functionality. In case of businesses that will enter the space in the future, the platform will act as a foundation. Elysian will essentially function as an intermediary between their own clients and their target consumers. The third-party agencies will also be able to host their current clients’ platforms on Elysian.

In order to promote engagement and interaction between the Elysian team and the community, the Elysian growth pool has been designed. The percentage of tokens allocated to this pool is integrated into the ecosystem in a way that provides a legitimate utility for the token.  Unlike many other crypto startups, Elysian has created a model for community expansion by prioritizing the relationship between the team and the supporters through the growth pool.

Elysian has recently partnered with Lamden, a promising blockchain platform that helps developers create blockchains and applications.  Another mutually beneficial partnership was signed recently with a marketing-based blockchain integration project named Sether. Some other key partners of Elysian are the decentralized payment network Havven, blockchain development agency Applicature, blockchain consultants Linhart, and IdentityMind.

Elysian is the brainchild of a team of e-commerce and cryptocurrency experts led by the organization’s CEO and founder Leo Ameri, a technology entrepreneur with successful stints in multiple e-commerce stores. The company’s impressive line-up of advisors includes Stuart Farmer, the CEO of Lamden and Logic Labs Ltd, serial entrepreneur Geoffrey McCabe, fintech advisor Graham Doggart, blockchain advisor Anders Larsson, and many others.   

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The long-term business model envisioned by Elysian will serve as the gateway to the future of Ecommerce, with the implementation of technological advancements that may even lead to a hyperbolic growth.

“People need to understand that Cryptocurrencies are nothing without us, but united we are unstoppable. Whoever ignores this fact isn’t ready for the future of transparency,” said Leo Ameri, the CEO and founder of Elysian.

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About Elysian: Elysian is an innovative new decentralized platform that will use the Ethereum blockchain to secure customer data, facilitate Ecommerce transactions, and drastically change user experience. The integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology will ultimately provide a higher level of security in the realm of Ecommerce. The interoperability of the platform will serve as the basis for future scalability and sustainable growth.

Contact: Ioan Hategan – CMO



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