Blockchain exposes false claim

Recently Consesys announced a partnership with They plan to create an ICO with the goal to fund a movie. Braid the movie claims on their website to be the first Ethereum Feature Film to be funded this way. Here is the thing. There is another movie with the same claim. However, that other movie the Pitts Circus has encrypted his claim in the datasection of a smart contract on Ethereum’s first birthday in 2016 almost a year ago.

The Ethereum Movie Venture (the production company behind The Pitts Circus) started their ICO with their The Pitts Circus movie in August 2016 and created a ERC-20 certified Ethereum Movie Venture Token that represents this smart contract. The Pitts Circus movie was shot in Australia and Switzerland in early 2017 and is in the postproduction in Belfast already where a lot of the Game of Thrones people still hang around.

This case raises some interesting questions

  • Why is Braid the Movie with their Blockchain experts undermining the legitimacy of blockchain by ignoring the original claim that is engraved in a smart contract? This seems to almost ironic, a blockchain company ignoring the fact that the blockchain obviously discredits their false claim.
  • And that is another interesting point. Will this particular case be a reference for the future? Why should people trust blockchains if the people around blockchains don’t take blockchains seriously.
  • Is this another story where big companies destroy grassroot movements? Ethereum Movie Venture is creating an entire Ecosystems that includes voting for future projects, Ethereum based ticketing and distribution system whereas the Braid project seems to be a simple, centralized movie production that does not add additional value to either its movie or the Ethereum community.
  • Often people say things like: Blockchains are useless! What good is it to have a landright engraved in a blockchain if nobody enforces them. How can blockchains show that they do have an impact on reality that reaches out further that to machines? Will there be Blockchain Lawyers specialising in cases like this?

It will be interesting to see wheter the two movies will be screened at the same festivals or not and which token will have more success in terms of return on investment.


Producer Toni Caradonna +41 76 380 50 81 [email protected]

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