Blast Airdrop Begins Today With Detailed Tokenomics And Project Report

The much-awaited Blast airdrop is happening today, and the team has released a comprehensive tokenomics report along with key project details.

This event marks a significant step for the Blast ecosystem, aiming to distribute tokens broadly within the community while also supporting core contributors and investors.

The total supply of Blast tokens is set at 100 billion. Half of these tokens, 50%, will be airdropped to the community to encourage widespread engagement. An initial airdrop of 17 billion tokens will be distributed among various groups: 7% to gold farmers, 7% to points farmers, and 3% to Blur stakers. Additionally, the top 1,000 wallets will have a 6-month linear vesting period to ensure stability and sustained interest in the token.

Core contributors will receive 25.5% of the total supply, recognizing their efforts in building and maintaining the ecosystem. Investors are allocated 16.5%, and 8% is reserved for the Blast Foundation to be used as a reserve fund.

Airdrop Token Claim Set To Start On June 26th 2PM UTC

The strategic distribution of tokens highlights the project’s commitment to fostering a robust and engaged community while ensuring that key stakeholders are rewarded for their contributions. The Blast token is valued at 3 cents in pre-market assessments, reflecting optimism about its potential in the broader market.

Token claims will commence on June 26th at 2 PM UTC, marking the official launch of the Blast airdrop. This event is expected to generate significant interest and participation from various segments of the crypto community, potentially setting the stage for Blast’s future growth and success.

With its well-planned token distribution and clear commitment to community engagement, Blast is poised to make a notable impact in the cryptocurrency space. As the airdrop unfolds, all eyes will be on how the community responds and how the project’s ecosystem evolves.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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Image Source: Photo by Kyle Hinkson on Unsplash // Image Effects by Colorcinch