Bitmora Exchange is Launching Next Month

So if you haven’t heard by now, the Bitmora Exchange launches in less than a month, but what can we expect?

Bitmora is not an ordinary exchange; they’re doing everything differently. From their low fees, all the way to their unique voting system, they’ve set out to be a real contender in 2018. Bitmora has acquired a few partnerships, one of which is with AlphaPoint, a leading Fintech provider based out of New York City. They also have their order books connected with both Bitstamp and Bitfinex, and have brought in a strong banking relationship. Last but not least, Bitmora is one of the first exchanges along with Poloniex and Coinbase to submit registration to the SEC to be fully legal and regulated. Bitmora is in the perfect position to change the future of exchanges forever, and to bring real trust to them.

What’s wrong with the current exchanges?

Since late 2017 some exchanges have significantly improved. However, some issues still were not addressed. To begin, customer support and verification times can be long and cumbersome. Bitmora is launching with live phone support and they also guarantee 12 hours or less ticket response times to solve the issue of waiting days or even weeks for a question to be answered.

This past year, the news surrounding cryptocurrency exchanges has not been good. Everything from money laundering, hacks, and even embezzlement has come to surface on numerous exchanges. With Bitmora aiming to be an SEC registered ATS in the US, the oversight and transparency they are required to provide to the public are much greater than any other before. The trust factor with being regulated is like no other and shows the commitment behind their team.

Not only has Bitmora brought in some real innovation, but they’re also aiming to be the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer full fiat trading support. This means you can directly deposit funds with your bank account or debit card and trade it between all pairs, along with full withdrawal support. While it’s not confirmed if this will be ready for launch, the Bitmora team has stated that fiat support will be ready very shortly after launch, in as little as four weeks.

What does the future hold?

The future for Bitmora is bright. Last week they announced they’ve already put their Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the drawing board. Not much information has yet been released, but it’s said it would have many of the same features as their current centralized exchange and be very different from other decentralized exchanges. An estimated release date for this has not been confirmed, but in a recent Tweet, they mentioned late 2018.

They’ve got a lot to offer and while their community backing is still fairly low, they don’t seem too fazed by it. Bitmora has seen their ups and downs over the past year when they first announced development, but they’ve proved that they could quickly become real competition to some of the largest exchanges currently on the market.





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