BitMoney Welcomes Everybody Looking to buy Bitcoins With Sofort

There are many different ways to purchase Bitcoin through traditional payments, especially when using the Internet to do so. BitMoney, a European platform where people can easily buy Bitcoin with relative ease, is one of those companies worth checking out. In fact, the platform does not require any KYC verification for purchases under the US$200 limit.

BitMoney Makes Buying Bitcoins With Sofort Very Easy

Companies such as BitMoney will be widely successful due to the convenience they provide to consumers all over the world. The platform supports transactions both denominated in US Dollar and Euro, which makes them quite convenient to work with. Moreover, they accept a wide range of payment methods which will appease to consumers looking to enter into the world of cryptocurrency.

Speaking of the payment solutions provided by BitMoney, the list is quite impressive. Credit cards, iDeal, Sofort, and Bancontact are all supported. For people living in European this means there is a supported payment method for whichever type of transaction they are accustomed to. It is good to see such a large selection of payment methods, as it will improve the platform’s visibility.

It is worth mentioning BitMoney lets you buy bitcoins with Sofort to ensure transactions are completed quickly. One of the main advantages of the Sofort ecosystem is how bank transfers are authorized immediately, allowing merchants to release the goods in question. In this case, that means the ordered bitcoins will arrive into your wallet very quickly. Speed and convenience are important when dealing with cryptocurrency, that much is certain.

Even if the customer does not have a Bitcoin wallet set up, the Bitmoney team will provide one for you. The company is working together with Spectrocoin to provide bitcoin wallet son behalf of customers automatically. The purchased bitcoins will automatically be sent to this wallet, after which the user is free to do with them as he or she pleases. Once again, a  convenient solution provided by the Bitmoney platform at no additional cost.

Given the current Bitcoin price rally, buying BTC is something a lot of people are looking into. However, traditional exchanges are not convenient to use, and they immediately require users to go through a Know-Your-Customer procedure. BitMoney lets users buy up to US$200 worth of Bitcoin without going through such a procedure. This makes the platform a very powerful solution for people who are not comfortable with the idea of a third-party controlling sensitive documents.

In the end, there is no valid reason not to give BitMoney a try. The company provides a quick and convenient solution to be yBitcoin without any preparation needed. Their affordable rates, a wide range of payment solutions, and automated wallet generation are all major selling points for the platform. Anyone looking to buy bitcoins with Sofort should take a closer look at what BitMoney has to offer.

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