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There are many Bitcoin casinos in the world today, yet some of them manage to offer something entirely different to players. BitGame belongs on this list, as the platform offers a wide variety of withdrawal methods, including gift cards and Steam games. Let’s take a look at what else this Bitcoin casino has to offer.

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BitGame Is A Versatile Bitcoin Casino

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Although there are many positive sides to the BitGame platform, we have to start off this review with a negative aspect. Using the Bitcoin casino platform requires users to register an account, as there is no way to play the offered games free of charge. Hopefully, this situation will change in the future, removing the need to register before playing, or getting rid of the registration system altogether.

That being said, BitGame offers an interesting selection of games, albeit it is not the largest one players can find in the world of Bitcoin Casinos. Blackjack, Videopoker, and Red Dog Poker are the three supported games. Nothing spectacular here either, but it is a positive sign to see the traditional offerings being made available to players.

Depositing funds to BitGame takes very little time, as the platform owners do not require a specific amount of transaction confirmations. Additionally, new players will receive a 100% deposit bonus for their first transfer, which is credited to the account in the form of League Points.

These League Points are awarded to loyal players and give users access to special perks and rewards, including lossbacks and betbacks. To generate additional League Points, BitGame players have to wager amounts equal to or more than 0.1 mBitcoin. There are seven ranks in total, each of which gives slightly better perks and rewards, including shop discounts.

For those users looking to obtain some free bitcoins, simply head on over to the Bitgame faucet page. Do keep in mind users can only obtain a small portion of free bitcoins when their balance is exactly zero.  However, this feature also requires users to register an account before it becomes available.

As mentioned before, BitGame offers some unique withdrawal methods. The most popular alternative option is the usage of Amazon gift cards, which can be valued anywhere from US$1 to US$100. Gift cards are usually delivered within 24 hours of requesting them, and the player will receive an email with the code. Users can also redeem their Bitgame balance for Steam games if they prefer to do so.

All of the games played on the BitGame Bitcoin casino platform are provably fair to ensure there is no unfair house edge or advantage. Every outcome of every game can be verified by the general public on the website. Users can even randomize the client_seed through the browser for additional transparency.

There is no company information on the website, and the WHOIS records are not helping either. However, there is a long thread filled with positive feedback on Bitcointalk.


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