Bitcoin Tumbler Steps Forward with Game-Changing Anonymization Service

In light of bitcoin forensics startups partnering with the IRS, the time for true cryptocurrency anonymization is now

In what can only be described as a major leap forward in the battle for user privacy, has introduced a bitcoin tumbler that guarantees the total anonymity of digital currencies. Not content with simply offering the minimum, has revolutionized the bitcoin mixer industry with the introduction of the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma pools which resist even the most advanced blockchain forensics tools.

Most users assume that because there is no name attached to their cryptocurrency wallet that their currencies, transactions, and wallets remain perfectly anonymous. This couldn’t be further from the truth as all digital currencies retain traces from every transaction they’ve been a part of, including wallet addresses and in some cases much more. Just take a look at their short video on youtube about it: 

“Everyone who has ever participated in a transaction with you has an opportunity to find out the addresses of your wallets, their balances, and can determine the origin of your coins and the destination address,” team members from said in a prepared statement. “Apart from disclosing the details of your private life it also makes you an easy target for cybercriminals.”

Chainalysis is a New-York based startup which aims to connect the dots between cryptocurrency wallets and the identities of their owners. They have partnered with government tax agencies such as the IRS of the United States and others. Startups such as Chainalysis use various forms of blockchain forensics to peel apart the data found in crypto transactions and determine the origins of the cryptocurrencies involved. Bitcoin mixer has devised a series of reserves culminating in the Gamma pool to resist pressure of services like Chainalysis and preserve the digital privacy rights of cryptocurrency users.

“For *Gamma Pool*, we form our private reserves and attract investors’ coins. Reserves of this advanced pool are not related in any way to coins of *Alpha Pool*. This pool will be of interest to customers who would like both to break the connection between their old and new addresses and to be sure of getting coins from a reliable source,” said the team in a recent thread.

The pools work by mixing a user’s deposited coins into either the Alpha, Beta, or Gamma pool depending on the user’s selection. Coins in the Alpha and Beta pools are mixed while the Gamma pool contains its own reserve of reliable, verified, private coins that are unmixed with the other reserves. Deposits made to any of the pools result in clean bitcoin that is untraceable. To provide more convenience to BestMixer users there is a TOR-version of their website: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/en is not just for bitcoin as it also functions as an ethereum mixer and handles litecoin and bitcoin cash just as easily. Few mixers can boast of handling such a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, and none can compete when comparing commission fees which start at the low of .5% for the Alpha pool and decrease to .25% when using the service’s cumulative code.


TOR: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/


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