Bitcoin transactions will be available in the Telegram interface

It will be possible to send and convert cryptocurrency in the interface of a familiar messenger.

In January 2018, a new payment service, TransCrypt, will enter the mobile app market, a service that will allow the sending, receiving and conversion of cryptocurrency using the Telegram interface. Transactions will occur in real time and with 0% commission.

Thanks to the use of the open-source code of Telegram, the list of contacts and message history will be saved in TransCrypt. Transferring cryptocurrency is as simple as selecting the required wallet in the chat window and entering the amount. Transaction security is assured by the use of the decentralized Blockchain data system and 3-factor MTPorto authorisation.

Nick Machulis, Chief Executive: “It is completely clear that cryptocurrency is not a short-term phenomenon, but a sought-after and progressive method of payment. Already, the turnover of bitcoin in dollar equivalent is higher than the turnover of the dollar on Visa cards*. We see ourselves in every client, and, therefore, seek to solve the problem of massive over-payments and transactions that take too long, with the maximum dedication. Our product is the only offer on the market that does not require any adaptation by the user. The user can send cryptocurrency in a familiar interface as easily as a message”.

Within the next six months, TransCrypt will allow transactions to be made with national currencies, including buying cryptocurrency directly from a bank card.

TransCrypt is being developed by an international company with its head office in Zug, Switzerland, and regional offices in five countries. The alpha version of this application will be released on 18th December 2017.

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