Bitcoin Gambling Review – NitrogenSports

NitrogenSports is a name synonymous with Bitcoin and sports betting these days, as the platform has been around for quite some time now. The company has an excellent reputation on the BitcoinTalk forum, and the platform offers some attractive options for gamblers.

NitrogenSports Offers Plenty of Variety

Sports betting has never been more popular among Bitcoin users than today, and there are a few platforms can use choose from. NitrogenSports will be in the top five for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as they offer a clean website with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

What makes NitrogenSports such an unusual offering is how they not only include the most popular sports but also some more exotic offerings. Mixed martial arts, for example, is something very few sports betting platforms offer on an active basis, and this platform has it on tap. They also have an eSports betting option, which is quite intriguing and will grow more popular in the coming years.

But that is not all, as users can enjoy the zero-deposit confirmation strategy put in place by NitrogenSports as well. As soon as a user sends Bitcoin to his account balance, they can start placing bets immediately. Moreover, it is still possible to place bets and play without registering an account, although it may be advised to do so regardless.

The sportsbook section is only one aspect of NitrogenSports as a platform, though. The owners have added dedicated casino and poker sections as well, to the liking of the Bitcoin community. All of these offerings work smoothly on any device as well, making this platform a breeze to use on smartphones and tablets.

For those users looking to earn an affiliate commission, NitrogenSports has you covered as well. With a 0.3% wager commission on every sports bet placed by a referral is very generous, and there is a 0.1% commission for all casino bets. Users who bring in new poker players will earn rewards too, depending on how active the referral is.

Similar to most online gambling and sports betting platforms, NitrogenSports has no company information on the website or in the WHOIS records. However, the company has a good reputation on Bitcointalk, albeit users should always do their own research.


Header image courtesy of NitrogenSports