Bitcoin Gambling Review – Nitrogen Sports

NitrogenSports is a Sportsbook which uses Bitcoins as the main currency, the website offers instant deposits (no need to wait for confirmation times), anonymity (you don’t need an account to gamble), a dedicated customer support team, and a fully responsive website interface.

Nitrogen Sports

There is plenty of websites that allow users to make bets and gambles using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, Nitrogen Sports is one of those. Nitrogen is a dedicated Sportsbook with a couple of  casino games and a Poker room.

The main features of Nitrogen are the instant deposit times, meaning that you don’t even have to wait for your transaction to be mined (which takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes), just deposit your funds and start playing immediately. The site allows you to play without having to register, a temporary session is created inside your browser, although for better security you can actually create a user account, after you do that, you can also set up Two-factor authentication for even better protection.

NitrogenSports also offers a small casino with a couple of games like BlackJack and Dice, Online Poker is also available, the website has an Anti-Collusion Policy so under any circumstances they accept or permit the use of multiple accounts in Poker events, users found to be using multiple accounts will be banned, they have different promotions on all the main features of the website. Secondary features include a built-in chat box (with an active community), and a dedicated customer support team to attend users requests and tickets, a website that is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices.

The website has more than 16 sports disciplines, they also support special events such as elections, news events, propositions, etc. NitrogenSports also offers eSports events and tournaments, featured games are Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, etc.

The Sportsbook selections are located in the left navigational bar, they are grouped by Sport, the available competitions and selections are remarkable, in my last review I talked about DirectBet website and how it lacked some sports and events, you will not find this problem with Nitrogen Sports, taking a look at Baseball for example, we can find that they have Korean Baseball, USA’s MLB, and Nippon Professional Baseball. When we click on a sport’s tournament, we then are taken to several games inside that tournament, this is where it can get a little confusing, the betting selections are not very clear and you need some gambling experience to know what every line means, and even then it’s a little confusing. This does not diminish the fact that the website has a lot of games and sports to offer.

You can bundle up wagers into parleys, and the website has a nice promotion, in which users who made parlays (even those who lost by 1 selection) can win big time. There is also a teaser option (a parlay who gives the user an advantage in points, only available on American Football and Basketball).

The website’s design is very modern and it runs perfectly on IOS and Android devices, this omnipresence coupled with the instant Bitcoin confirmations it’s a killer combination, the Poker room works nicely and the user experience is good, it’s fun to have a chat box to communicate with other users of the site. It’s also very rare to find a Bitcoin gambling website that offers an active Customer Support Team, it’s even more rare to find one that allows the user to send support tickets when they have issues or inquiries about the service.

Website: NitrogenSports

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