Bitcoin Gambling Review – DirectBet

DirectBet is a multi-cryptocurrency Casino, Sportsbook, and Racebook featuring a wide variety of games, sports, and selections. DirectBet offers the ability to select a gambling option, review the odds, indicate the address where you will receive your potential winnings and other interesting features that require no previous signups or registrations. Just select and play.

With the surge of Bitcoin technology, many saw it as an opportunity to reach the USA gambling market which is restricted and regulated by law. Bitcoin removes country barriers, and with it, any USA citizens can deposit and play with their Bitcoins as they please. DirectBet is one of those services.


DirectBet defines itself as a Sportsbook, Racebook, and a Casino, meaning that you can place bets on more than 21 disciplines, with some other additions like the horse racing gambling and casino games like Texas hold’em, Blackjack, Scratch Dice, Aztec Magic, and much more. The website also offers the possibility of Live in-play, gamble while watching the game with Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Dash and Ether, the bets settle automatically within minutes of the event completion, simply send your bets to a designated address and your winnings will be sent back directly to your wallet.

When we first enter the website, we are welcomed with a sober, very clear design, this is refreshing, as a lot of the Bitcoin gambling websites out there tend to have a more flashy, epilepsy-inducing design. At the right side of the screen, we have a navigation bar with a link to all the sports you can think of, at the end of the list, two more categories are shown: politics and Eurovision -Although DirectBet is mainly directed towards the Old Continent’s citizen, the majority of the users are American. Inside each sport, you can find a list of the competitions, tournaments, and events that are or will be taking place in the near future.

For example, if we want to bet on Baseball, we just need to select it on the left navigational bar, then we are taken to a menu where there is a list of competitions on the previously selected sport, in this case, the American Major League Baseball is the only available choice right now. We will see a list of the games that are going to take place, and those who have a Live in-Play option available are going to be highlighted. The selections to play with greatly vary depending on the sport, the popularity of it and the season.

DirectBet uses standard decimal odds, which means that, if you want to calculate how much you are going to win with a bet, simply multiply the amount you want to stake by the odds displayed, the result will be your total winnings amount.

When we have selected an event, we will be presented will al the available bets, in Baseball, you can select the Moneyline which tells the odds a team has to win the whole game. If we click on it, we will be presented with a screen that has a quick summary of our selection, below we have to enter the Bitcoin address where we want to receive our winnings, optionally we can enter an email address for bet confirmation, or enter the VIP program, which rewards loyal users. We can place the bet alone or add it to a Toto -also known as a parlay. Further options and features are available, for example, we can choose to get double or nothing after we win a bet with a provably fair coin toss, this also includes you in a 10 BTC jackpot. Finally, you can also choose to select flexible odds, this confirms the bet at the best available rate at the time the bet transfer is received. Odds may be higher or lower than the quoted odds.

You can also negotiate the odds, this confirms the bet when the best available odds is equal or better than the specified odds. You can cancel the bet or change the minimum required odds later as long as the bet is still unconfirmed. If unsuccessful, the bet will be canceled automatically at the start of the event. The other option is to Confirm a bet at the best available odds by the time the bet transfer is received, if the odds are equal or better than the currently quoted odds, otherwise it gets refunded.

DirectBet claims to offer the best affiliate program in the market, you will earn up to 1% on all bets placed by your referrals, won or lost, for life. DirectBet has been running around for some time now and has an active BitcoinTalk forum topic, the website surely has some interesting features and offers.


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