Bitcoin Gambling Review – Cakebet

Cakebet is a Bitcoin casino and betting platform which focuses on the blackjack game. Card games have always been rather popular among the online gambling crowd, and doing so with Bitcoin makes the experience even more fun. But how does Cakebet stack up against the other competitors in the Bitcoin gambling world?

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Playing Blackjack at Cakebet

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When opening up the Cakebet website, users are greeted by a slice of cake in a suit. This friendly little bugger will guide players on the platform for as long as they have the website open. Going idle or away from the keyboard for an extended period will make him sad, though, which should be avoided at all costs.

Users do not have to register an account to play for free, although registration is mandatory when depositing or withdrawing funds. Setting up an account requires a username, email address – optional – and a password. All in all, a very easy process, and users can even select their avatar if they want to. There is even a small bonus for signing up, which is a very nice addition.

Note from the Author: Free accounts will earn rewards from winning games, which can be withdrawn after an account has been registered.

The outcome of all games on the Cakebet platform is provably fair, allowing users to make sure there is no hidden house edge or unfair advantage for the platform owner. This is common practice among the various Bitcoin gambling platforms, but it is nice to see this feature being actively advertised.

A very nice feature of the Cakebet platform is how users can select their preferred language. At the time of publication, eight different languages are supported, including French, German, Chinese, and Russian. This will help novice users navigate the website in an easier way, and will contribute to attract more players from all over the world.

Once users start playing, the site will divide itself into three main sections. On the left side, there is a history of all games played, which cards the player received, and how much they have won or lost. The middle part is the blackjack game, where users can set their bets on the bottom. Last but not least, there is a chat window on the right side, where Cakebet users can talk to other players, and receive free coins to play with.

There are other ways to earn some free coins to play with on Cakebet. Registered users can partake in social media and email promotion of the platform, which will make them up to 1,400 bits. Do keep in mind the minimum withdrawal limit is 10,000 bits, which should not take that long to earn. Users can also refer friends and other players to join the Cakebet platform, for which they will receive 21% of the house edge for every bet referrals make.

One downside about the Cakebet website is the timeout setting. As mentioned before, inactivity will lead to a sad cakeling showing up on your screen, but this timer is so short, it is borderline annoying. Especially when doing other things in between rounds of blackjack, the inactivity message will appear far too often than most people would like it to.

Website: Cakebet

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