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BIT.GAME, the Newly Emerged Blockchain Game Giant

BIT.GAME is a clarion in the field of games and a real pioneer in the field of Blockchain games who combine games with Blockchain thus opening new vistas to discover, explore and enjoy flights into new galaxies. Thus, opening new routes for thousands of companies and billions of billions individual game users by extending their services to the nook and corner of this Ecosphere. With BIT.GAME, future of Blockchain games will ultimately touch their zenith and thus companies and individuals who work and trade with it will fly their full flight.

BIT.GAME is very much conscious of the needs, interests and benefits of the individual game users and game companies. BIT.GAME provides them with a complete set of Blockchain solutions to connect their games with blockchain technology. BIT.GAME also attaches importance to games with potential values, thus to offer them with technical support, funds incubation and asset trading for any potential project in game field.

BIT.GAME is in a very close cooperation with a number of enterprises of Public Blockchain, Blockchain Investment Funds, and also with many game publishers to constitute an active Blockchain Game League, under the name of Global Blockchain Game Union (GBGU), to launch a collective and effective effort to enhance the progress of Blockchain Games and make its future secure and promising. No doubt, very soon, BIT.GAME will be the game giant and the trendsetter in the world market in the field of Blockchain Games, and with it will rise the fortunes of the friend companies and the game users.

A good operative system and qualified, experienced human force are the pre-requisites of a successful organization. The matchless result-oriented, innovative and highly secure operative system, a fighting team consisting of truly qualified CEO, well experienced core committee’s members, and reliable and focused expert consultants – all these make BIT.GAME an energetic, responsible, futuristic and a robust organic whole that stands giant in the world of Blockchain Games.

Eric Sun

Eric Sun is the CEO and founder of BIT.GAME. He is a highly qualified and experienced personality. His education, his brighter vision, his quickness, accuracy and keenness of judgement, his invincible courage and his determination are all the qualities that have set him apart and have made him a legend in the field of Blockchain. Eric Sun is master degree holder from Tsinghua University. He has been a regular internet entrepreneur. He has served as CEO at Palm2play Technology, and also worked at Perfect World and French Telecom R & D Centre. He’s senior game developer and Blockchain expert.

Core committee

An enviable core committee is the backbone of BIT.GAME which is, no doubt, contained of very reputable personalities. Kelvin Wong, Qing Zhang and Sean He – all the three are authorities in their respective fields. 

Kelvin Wong’s career is an exquisite combination of academic qualification and professional experience. He graduated from PKU and got his master degree from CAS. He has no less than 10 years’ operation experience in global trading platform and game products. He is also the maker of the most popular game platform of Southeast Asia. He is a Blockchain technology enthusiast.

Qing Zhang

Qing Zhang is another big name in this field who is second to none. He got his MS degree from USW. He has been a manager of Risk Management Department at Huobi.Com. He has also been a Vice President at some bank in China. He has no rival in internal control audit and is an extremely experienced Blockchain enthusiast.

Sean He

Sean He who is unrivalled, knows every nook and corner of his field. He has a well-wrought experience of 15 years in communication and media companies’ management. He also has a vast experience in successful entrepreneurship. He got his EMBA degree from CEIBS; graduated from NKU and got his master from PKU.

Special consultants:

Hunter Gao and Jefferson Chen are our special consultants. Hunter Gao is member of First Global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams. He also worked in the world’s leading communication technology company. He is to overseer the safety system of BIT.GAME.

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Jefferson Chen

Jefferson Chen is the partner of GSR ventures which is focused on the investment of internet artificial intelligence, financial technology and enterprise services. As a special consultant is to help in improving the operational level of BIT.GAME, do will monitor important decisions of the foundation.

Strategy consultants:

Vibrant consultant companies and individual users supply the blood that runs through the veins of an organization. BIT.GAME highly values consultant companies and individual users. Owen Tao and Jacob Sun are the strategy consultants. Owen Tao is CEO of Matrix, a public Blockchain based on the combination of AI and Blockchain. Jacob Sun is the founder of AWARE which is the first management platform of Blockchain tokens.

With that tremendous potential of its innovative , foolproof, technologically proven system, and the fighting squad of the valuable and enthusiastic team of expertise, and still ever reliable and supportive group of renowned consultants, BIT.GAME is rightly confident to have a very bright future, and very soon it will be a global game giant in the field of Blockchain Games.

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