Betking Review

Betking is one of the many Bitcoin casinos available today, claiming to be the world’s most trusted service provider in this particular industry. A recent winner took home 200 BTC from their platform, and was out promptly, bringing more legitimacy to the claims made by Betking.

It goes without saying that Betking has to come up with something incredible to set itself apart from any of its competitors. A wide variety of games is a great starting point, and the most popular offerings are supported, ranging from Slots to Blackjack and Roulette to Dice. Pretty much everything a casino should have, with no need to make things overly complicated.

But there is more to Betking than just a good selection of games, as they pride themselves on offering instant cashouts to customers as well. There is nothing more annoying than requesting a withdrawal and having to wait hours or days until the funds are transferred. Betking removes that friction altogether, by processing transactions as soon as they are requested.

Additionally, the company keeps a very low house edge, which has become more of a standard among Bitcoin casinos these days. Players have a good chance of winning, and the platform offers very high betting limits to show they have nothing to hide. All outcomes of the bets are provably fair, adding more legitimacy to the claims made by Betking.

On the deposit side, there is a one-confirmation wait put in place to prevent any Bitcoin double spends. This should not lead to any significant delays when trying to move funds to their Betking wallet address, as most of these transactions are confirmed in less than ten minutes.

Any self-respecting Bitcoin casino has bonuses to offer to its most active players, and Betking is no exception in this regard. Every bet placed on the platform rewards users with VIP points, which can, in turn, be traded for Bitcoin. Placing more bets will result in a higher VIP level and more points per wagered pets. Once a user reaches the total of 1,000 points, they are eligible to receive one Bitcoin courtesy of Betking. An affiliate program has been put in place as well.Unfortunately, there is no company information to be found on the Betking website.

Unfortunately, there is no company information to be found on the Betking website, nor are nay details revealed when conducting a WHOIS search. This may put off some potential customers, although the company has a very long history on the Bitcointalk forums.


Betking is not available to customers in the United Kingdom.