BetBTC Review

Sports betting websites are a great match for Bitcoin, as plenty of people around the world take a vast interest in global sports such as hockey, football, basketball, and others. Various websites are focusing their efforts on providing such a service, although some of them offer far fewer sports compared to others. BetBTC is a website that has been around for some time, and they offer some exciting sports to gamble on.

Any website looking to attract Bitcoin users looking to wager on their favorite sports need to be clean and simple to navigate. BetBTC checks the boxes on that front. as there are no unnecessary bells and whistles attached to the website. A nice extra feature is the small counter showing how many people are online simultaneously at any given time.

Sports-wise, the BetBTC selection is fairly limited, but most of the major leagues are covered. Tennis, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, horse racing, and a variety of others sports are at the disposal of users. Mixed martial arts is on the list as well, which is a great addition to more traditional sports such as the ones mentioned earlier.

Another nice feature is how BetBTC offers visitors a chance to bet on sports without registering an account. Recurring users of the platform might consider making an account in the future, though, which will give access to the additional feature of sports betting trading. as well as user vs. user betting to make wagers a bit more exciting.

Withdrawals are processed instantly, which is a very welcome change. BetBTC wants to make sure players can access their winnings at all times although a small commission will be charged for every winning bet. On the deposit front, users will be able to access their balance after just one confirmation, regardless of the Bitcoin amount sent to the BetBTC address.

Unfortunately, there is no contact information listed on the website, and the WHOIS records are protected by Domains By Proxy, LLC. Some users might be turned off by this, as they want to know as many details as possible before trusting a third party with their money. However, BetBTC has a solid thread on Bitcointalk with active responses to questions.